Sunday, October 24

Messi and Budweiser provoke an avalanche of “memes” for Iker Casillas for his campaign to give away a beer per goal received from “La Pulga”

Messi and Budweiser provoke an avalanche of

Iker Casillas received 17 goals of Leo’s 644.

Photo: Álvaro Paulin. / Imago7

After announcing the campaign in which Budweiser will send the goalkeepers who received a goal from Messi a special edition beer for each goal received, people started joking on the internet with memes directed at one of the Argentinian’s favorite victims: the former goalkeeper of the Real Madrid, Iker Casillas.

In the ten years of rivalry he had with the “10”, Iker Casillas received 17 goals from the Argentine, for which he will receive 17 commemorative bottles of beer, reason enough for Internet users to make fun of the goalkeeper, although it is worth mentioning that he did not is the goalkeeper who received the most goals from the star, if not the third place, below Diego Alves, who conceded 21 and Gorka Iraizoz, with 18.

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