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Messi and Piqué no longer speak: Antonela and Shakira would be the culprits

Lionel Messi and Gerard Piqué were friends from their youth stage at Barcelona.

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It seems that friendship between Lionel Messi and Gerard Piqué It ended. An example of this is that the Argentine star traveled this week to Catalonia to have dinner with his former Barcelona teammates Xavi Hernandez, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba. The great absentee from this reunion was the Spanish center-back.

The reason why Messi came to Barcelona it was to celebrate 42nd birthday by Xavi Hernandez in a japanese restaurantalong with their respective partners. At dinner there was even Pepe Costa, who worked at Barca for several years and now accompanies the striker from Rosario at PSG.

This reveals the rumors that several Catalan media have released for months: the friendship between La Pulga and Gerard is completely broken. One of the reasons would be the little support that Leo felt from the defender when Barcelona did not renew his contract and let him go as a free agent.

In fact, Piqué declared in an interview to The country that if Messi continued the economy of the club she was going to be harmed: “We have lived from Leo for many years and now we have to find new references. I think that if Leo was renewed the numbers were going to be very complicated.”

Enmity between Antonela and Shakira?

To this story is added the alleged friendship between the wives of both footballers: Antonela Roccuzzo and Shakira. According to the specialized press, Piqué he was not at the farewell party organized by Messi in his mansion in Barcelona, ​​given that their women no longer treat each other.

“He threw a big party at his house in Barcelona, ​​which was attended by friends and many of his Barça teammates, although among them Gerard Piqué and Shakira were not there“, published the portal Week from Spain.

It all starts because Antonela is a close friend of Nuria Tomás, who was Gerard Piqué’s girlfriend until 2010, when the center met Shakira and won the World Cup.

In addition, in 2018 it transpired that The Argentine had a problem with the Colombian During a barbecue that Leo held at his house, after playing a Barcelona match.

“The grill man served Shakira a chorizo and she began to cry bare: ‘Get this out of my sight! What is this that they serve me?’, as if they had served him a piece of fat. Shakira’s attitude and screams made Antonela Rocuzzo add her to her friendship with Núria Tomás to definitively not cultivate good relationship with the Colombian singer,” said the journalist Yanina Torres in the program Los Angeles de la Mañana.

Along the same lines, he added: “Mascherano, who was four people away from her, says: ‘Take out the chorizo ​​and don’t serve him anything else’. A brawl broke out, I’ll summarize it for you, this is gossip from the first world: Pique and Shakira left, one was put together to such a level that Antonela, due to the criticism of the chorizo ​​in her house, this is true, I am not lying to you, he took her out of his whatsapp group and he was prohibited from entering the box of the wives of Barcelona”.

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