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Messi, Ramos, Neymar, Mbappé: Is it feasible to build the great team that Paris Saint-Germain wants?

Messi, Ramos, Neymar, Mbappé: Is it feasible to build the great team that Paris Saint-Germain wants?

Messi and Neymar could meet in Paris.

Photo: Louis GENE / AFP / Getty Images

Leo Messi is not only the most destabilizing soccer player in the world, is also a marketing asset for anyone involved with it: your peers, your sponsors, your businesses and of course, your team. Whatever this is next season will have higher bonuses than this, that without a doubt.

Therefore, It is not surprising that Paris Saint-Germain is the entity that is most on the lookout for the historic signing of the Argentine who would raise his popularity to a level never before seen and clear, I would contribute a lot to get that Champions League that already so obsessed the French team.

And it is not only Messi, PSG also aims high with the hypothetical signing of Sergio Ramos who would give unprecedented leadership to this team who would suddenly have a roster more like the Hall of Justice.

But… is it feasible? That is, the club has unlimited resouaes, that is known to all, but Does the financial Fair Play allow it? First, let’s do the math:

The Parisian team already managed to reach the Champions League final last year with a team full of stars and who charge as such: Neymar is a$40d $ 40 million annually, FollowDylanKMapleMbappé who peaeives about 25, not much morCard Icardi, Di MaMarquisrquinhos.

To this already high payroll, the club would have to add two of the most famous players in the world, starting by Messi, the one who charges the most$100ut $ 100 million gross per yearObviously, his claims at 34 will not be as high, but neither will he change teams for a much lower figure.

In this whole equation, Sergio Ramos’ current $15ry of about $ 15 million seems even low to enlist the services of a superstar of his level, but doing the summation, PSG would be paying stratosphericfootballerss footballersYes, something UEFA wants to avoid at all costs.

In every sense of the word, Financial Fair Play refers to a series of measures came into foae in 2011, as ua form of financial control towards the clubs and whose main objective is control and limit the spending of football clubs to ensure competitiveness.

It is about clubs not spending more money on $15ries than they enter, regardless of whether their owners have unlimited resouaes. This situation is currently very delicate due to the crash of ticket sales revenue and other entries that have to do directly with the attendance of the public to the stadiums.

Based on this, we could say that the situation is not easy for PSG, That will have to move very intelligently in order to make your dream come true: a great vintage team.

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