Monday, October 18

Messi will speak at a press conference this Sunday in Barcelona

  • The Argentine star appears to present his version after not reaching an agreement to renew.

  • His destiny points to the powerful PSG of Neymar. This noon may clear that doubt.

Barça shows up and Lionel Messi says goodbye. It will not be in this order, but in reverse. It will be the Argentine footballer who will appear first to present his version of the farewell announced by the club on Thursday, acknowledging the lack of an agreement that was taken for granted to renew the contract that expired on June 30. Then the team, without its star of the last 17 years and captain of the last three, will get going – it will keep going, the preseason already started with four friendlies – when it inherited the bracelet from Andrés Iniesta.

Messi is leaving Barça and seems to be heading towards Paris Saint Germain. France takes the signing for granted based on the long and underhanded interest in Leo, who has been in the last semester in a position to negotiate with any bidder, and the economic muscle of the Parisian club with hormones from Qatar.

40 million clean

The team reported yesterday that PSG was offering a clean 40 million per year and a three-year contract, the third optional. A record higher than that of Neymar (35), with whom he would meet four years after the Brazilian’s departure from Camp Nou. Some versions advanced that Neymar would give him the shirt with the 10.

The other 10 that Messi could wear, Manchester City’s, was already taken. The English club, doped with pounds from the Arab Emirates, spent hours before 117 million to give it to Jack Grealish (25 years old), the great British sensation. And he was saving another hundred for Harry Kane, who is trying to force his departure from Tottenham.

Competitive change

Iniesta went to Japan and Xavi ended up in Qatar. Messi is not looking for a golden retirement, but a place that will keep him competitive until, at least, the World Cup in Qatar, to be held in October 2022. It will be in another team other than Barça, with which he negotiated a minimum commitment of two seasons, payable in five years. Messi’s environment denied the existence of a pact concluded with PSG, from which it would be deduced that it was managed before the disagreement with Barça.

The breakup was not a problem of years, but of money. And not because of Messi’s demands but because of the club’s supervening poverty, hit by the 487 million losses of the 20-21 season, plus the 97 million of the 19-20 for an accumulated debt that is estimated at 1,400 million.

“When we got to know the club’s situation in depth, we didn’t want to put the institution at risk any more. The entity is above Messi, players, coaches and presidents “, toLaporta argued on Friday. The conclusion that was derived from the thesis is that the disagreement was purely economic and that Messi did not give as much in his emoluments as the club needed.

Under the pressure of a latent bankruptcy, “the disastrous inheritance received” from the Josep Maria Bartomeu board, the restrictions imposed by LaLiga were added. To those already in place due to the salary limit (Barça is allocating 110% of its income to sports payrolls) was joined by the lack of flexibility of Javier Tebas, the president of the employer’s association, accused by Laporta of lack of sensitivity.

Ilaix and Collado wait

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The economic seams are not threatened only by Messi’s salary, but by the sum of the contracts of other teammates. The Barça cuts of where it can and of where they leave him. With Ilaix Moriba he does not agree to the claims of the young footballer (18 years old) and threatens to leave him in the stands the entire last year of his contract that remains.

Álex Collado, on the other hand, wanted to leave and has not received the final approval. He had negotiated his loan to Bruges, but Messi’s departure has slowed down the operation. The 22-year-old Barça B left-hander is waiting.

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