Saturday, November 27

Meta: criticism of Mark Zuckerberg after Facebook’s name change

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Mark Zuckerberg with the Facebook and Meta logos.

Image source, Getty Images


Mark Zuckerberg announced on Thursday the name change of the parent company that includes Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram.

Facebook’s corporate name change to Meta has not come without criticism.

And it is that, probably, the company directed by Mark Zuckerberg is right now the company under the greatest pressure in the world.

Many see this change as an image wash attempt after the hard weeks of the conglomerate for the leak of the “Facebook Files”, which according to the person in charge, the former employee Frances Haugen, expose that the company repeatedly put “growth above safety” of its users.

Zuckerberg argued that Meta better represents the current work of the company, which goes beyond social networks and is making a strong foray into the virtual reality industry.

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