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Meta will remove ad personalization options related to race or sexual orientation

Meta will remove ad personalization options related to race or sexual orientation

Meta will remove ad personalization options related to race or sexual orientation

Goal, matrix of Facebook, has announced that it wants to change the recommendation process of its Content Advisory Council, a group of experts in charge of deliberating and filtering the content that occurs in the company, in order to carry out significant structural changes that have optimal long-term results and can be safely met.

In a report published by the company co-founded by Mark Zuckerberg, which shows the results obtained after the application of its policies from July 2021 to September of the same year, Facebook has disagreed with the procedure of this Advisory Council and has requested improvements in its service to achieve its objectives in a period of time according to the needs of the users.

“Through its recommendations, the Council has pushed us to be more transparent about how our systems work, how we evaluate content moderation and how we write our policies,” the company stated in this report.

However, despite acknowledging that “these tips have had a wide impact” and has forced it to rethink these policies, as well as to implement new changes. Meta has assured that it believes that “the current design of the recommendation process may not be the best way to achieve the long-term structural changes” that this Council urges you to undertake.

Despite stating that since Meta is working closely with the Advisory Council and its internal teams are working “to explore other ways to potentially improve the recommendation process,” the company has not specified what measures it intends to agree on with this group of specialists going forward.

However, in the report he has advanced that the pace and volume of these recommendations do not allow his teams to allocate “an adequate time to evaluate and apply them initially “. This is because, according to Facebook, these “require more than a dozen people to assess feasibility, which we cannot easily complete in 30 days.”

Among some of the recommendations of the Content Advisory Council that Facebook has implemented is the upgrade your nudity detection system, so you can easily distinguish harmful content from health-related content, such as the dissemination of images to raise awareness about breast cancer.

In addition, it is testing to notify users in different languages, such as Spanish, Arabic or Portuguese, when they commit offenses and make posts that incite hatred, both on Facebook and Instagram.

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