Sunday, June 26

Methodology behind USA TODAY’s analysis of college athletic rosters

In a comprehensive data analysis, USA TODAY found widespread use of roster manipulation across many of the nation’s largest and best-known colleges and universities.

USA TODAY downloaded the athletic participation numbers schools report annually to the US Department of Education under the Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act from the department’s website and compared them against four different data sources:

• NCAA revenue-and-expense reports that break down expenses and athletic participation by team and gender;

• team rosters on athletic department websites;

• internal athletic department rosters called “squad lists;”

• and rewards of competition results.

The news organization’s analysis centered on 107 public schools in the Football Bowl Subdivision – the highest level in Division I – during the 2018-19 school year, the last full year before the pandemic upended the college sports landscape. USA TODAY filed hundreds of public records requests for the schools’ squad lists and NCAA reports, wrote computer programs to collect online rosters and stats, and interviewed 51 Title IX experts and attorneys, lawmakers, athletes, coaches and athletic department administrators.

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