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Mexicans annoyed with Kendall Jenner for “Cultural appropriation” and also point out that their 818 tequila has similarities with another on the market

Mexicans furious with Kendall Jenner. They point her out as “cultural appropriation” and a businessman says that the brand of tequila that he makes is very similar to that of the model.

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Kendall Jenner returns to head the main headlines of the press. This time it would be the Mexicans who are upset with the model for “Cultural appropriation“By using braids in the hair and a” look “very similar to that of the gentilicio in the commercial of his new brand of tequila 818. In addition to this, the director of the Tequila 512 brand, Nick Matzorkis, published in Instagram various similarities that has its product with that of the sister of Kim Kardashian.

In promotions and photographs of the Kendall’s new tequila brand you can see him with his braided hair, straw hat and also provided with some supposed farmers in a agave farm in Jalisco, Mexico. This is the place where in theory the tequila 818 that has launched the model on the market.

On Twitter you have been able to read the comments of all those people who have been offended by the member of the Kardashian Jenner dynasty. “This has to be a joke” and “She really is deaf, this is so offensive. Modeling an elegant migrant worker look ”,“ She uses people as scenery, she wears a hat and she plays dress up as a lucky person… ”, they could read.

We do not know what measures Kendall Jenner’s work team takes, which is basically led by her mother and matriarch of the family dynasty, Kris Jenner.

Regarding the owner of Tequila 512, he himself posted on his social networks: “Look at the similarities, including the color, the name and that it is made in the same tequila distillery in Mexico than ours ”. Minutes later, the businessman deleted the publication but many managed to read the hints about whether Jenner had copied himself in some way from his product brand. She also said that her tequila costs twice as much as his. He added that his intention is not to accuse her of plagiarism as such, but to emphasize that both products look a lot alike, as announced through KXAN.

If you want the post that the businessman would have made, click here.

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