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Mexicans in New York prepare to receive the Guadalupe Torch

The Guadalupana Torch will arrive in New York on December 12.

Photo: CLAUDIO CRUZ / AFP / Getty Images

The Mexican community in New York is preparing to receive, after a year of recess from events due to the pandemic, the Guadalupana Torch, which will arrive in the city on December 12 after traveling through thirteen states in the United States, the day they pay tribute and ask for favors from the patron saint of their country, the Virgin of Guadalupe.

On December 12, Mexicans commemorate the day that the Virgin of Guadalupe, also the patron saint of America, appeared to the Indian Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin, in 1531, on the Tepeyac hill, where the Basilica of Guadalupe was built, the place from which the Torch departed on September 5.

On December 12, Mexicans commemorate the day of the Virgin of Guadalupe. (Photo: Archdiocese of Puebla)

“We are recovering the race. We have a lot to tell the mother, of many who died from the pandemic, and also a lot to thank for those who fell ill and are alive, ”Mexican Joel Magallán, founder of the Tepeyac Association in New York, which organizes the career.

Magallán also said that the Mexican community, and all the devotees of the “dark virgin”, also have a lot to ask of him: “that fear ends and sanity begins, that the governments get the batteries, that they do not allow themselves to be controlled by the pharmaceutical companies ”.

As it has been celebrated since this event began in 2002, the race with the Torch started from the Basilica in Mexico and after touring several towns, the Virgin and Juan Diego “crossed” the border with the United States and they arrived in Laredo (Texas).

From there they have continued their journey with relays of 50 runners in each city, who have kept alive the flame of the Torch, which will spend the night on December 11 in New Jersey to cross the George Washington Bridge that connects that state with New Jersey early in the morning. York, to go to the concert area in the famous Central Park.

The race is carried out for the legalization of immigrants living in the United States. (Photo: Archdiocese of Puebla)

There will be an ancestral ceremony with Aztec descendants and then depart in procession to their final destination, Dag Hammarskjöld Square, in front of the United Nations, where there will be other dances and the virgin will be venerated, Magallán also indicated.

Remembered that the race is carried out for the legalization of the millions of immigrants who live in this country. “The day there is a fair immigration reform we will race from New York to Mexico, but for now that is not going to happen.”

“We must ask that the children of immigrants grow up and take the place of congressmen and be more just,” he said.

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