Sunday, May 9

Mexico reaches one million people infected by covid-19

Mexico has reached one million infections confirmed by covid-19 this Saturday, according to official figures, after experiencing outbreaks in some States when the pandemic has not just been extinguished in others. In addition, deaths total 98,259. Chihuahua and Durango have returned to the red color of the traffic light, that of extreme danger and maximum restrictions. And five other states, Aguascalientes, Coahuila, Querétaro, Zacatecas and Mexico City are experiencing “outbreaks”, that is, the increase in the disease crowns higher peaks than in the previous wave.

Despite having exceeded the one million barrier, the Ministry of Health has reported that this week there has been a decrease of 11% in the number of cases estimated at the national level. The authorities ventured that this supposed decrease may be due to the introduction of new restrictive measures in some of the hot spots in the center and north of the country. Deaths, on the other hand, have risen 3% this week compared to the previous one and are already approaching the 100,000 barrier. Health officials said at the beginning of the pandemic that its “catastrophic” scenario included 60,000 deaths.

The situation in the southeast of the country is somewhat more promising, with several states in yellow and only one, Campeche, which has conquered green, that is, a practically normal life after the storm that shakes the whole world again . Even maintaining the same color level in the traffic light, in some parts the protection measures are increased. Mexico City has reduced the hours of restaurants, casinos and gyms and has closed the bars again. If in the first wave of the pandemic, the health authorities asked the population to stay home with the first symptoms until the situation became serious, now they do not stop repeating that they go to the hospital when the discomfort related to the covid appears . A good part of the population goes when it is too late to save their lives.

In any case, the official figures of deaths and infections are far from reality, as the Government already warned at the time, given the impossibility of controlling a population that does not have sufficient evidence to measure infections and that, on occasions, Due to ignorance or superstition, he does not act in accordance with basic precautions. “There are more than a million [de contagios]. We have said here many times. Our national epidemiological surveillance system (…) makes an emphasis on focusing on serious cases, ”health authorities said this Saturday.

Mexico, of 127 million inhabitants, could have three times more deaths than those reported, according to the undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell. Knowing this with certainty will require, in the longer term, comparative analyzes with the deaths that occurred in previous years, such as those that have begun to be done. To get closer to more realistic figures, in recent times both hospital deaths and those that occurred in homes whose symptoms are perfectly compatible with covid-19 have been included in the count.

Meanwhile, hospitals are experiencing growth in income and health personnel are overwhelmed and in crisis in their professional performance, largely as a consequence of the scarcity of resources with which they are facing the epidemic. Mexico is the country in the world with the most deaths among medical and nursing personnel, with 1,744 deaths and more than 127,000 infected.

In the race to get a vaccine as soon as possible to relieve the world of a pandemic that is raging beyond the health system and health, the pharmaceutical company Pfizer says that its immunology shows an efficacy of 90% in its last stage of testing. The company estimates that in a month or two more results will be available and that the vaccine could immunize 650 million people by 2021. However, Mexico has ruled out buying it because it requires a very expensive refrigeration system that the country lacks.

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