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Michael Douglas says he has started to lose his short-term memory | People

Michael Douglas is getting older, a truism that he himself spoke about in an interview in ARRP Magazine: “Throughout the pandemic, in which I have spent a lot more time doing basically nothing on the couch, I have been surprised by the amount of energy that I have lost. And my long-term memory is fine, but short-term … not so much. I am investigating it ”, has revealed. The actor confesses that he has been surprised by this effect and that at first he thought it could be due to his past excesses, especially with marijuana, but he claims to have consulted several friends of his who smoked much more than he when they were younger and has finished for realizing that his problem is another.

In the intimate interview he discovers many other things about his daily life, about his childhood, about his role as a son and as a father. For example, he remembers that people are wrong with the concept that he belongs to what is called royalty in show business: “I appreciate the relationship I had with my father, but when I was young, he was a busy actor and I still I had not succeeded ”. That is why he, knowing that the world of cinema is as grateful as it is ungrateful to actors, decided not to depend only on acting and created a career behind the camera as a producer, investing in films such as Some one flies over the cuco’s nidus The The China syndrome.

In the personal interview he also reveals that he is addicted to news and has a gift for people. And he reflects on the pandemic delighted to be able to leave the couch after having been vaccinated. In his opinion it has been a sedentary season and after that he is eager to return to travel, work, hug his friends and continue learning. Douglas says, “With maturity, you don’t necessarily feel very different than you did when you were younger. Now I’m just looking for the joy of a good time ”.

A recent photograph of Michael Douglas walking around New York.
A recent photograph of Michael Douglas walking around New York. DIGGZY / / GTRES

He also doesn’t avoid talking about fatherhood. Father of three children, Cameron, 42, the fruit of his first marriage to Diandra Luker, and Dylan and Carys, 20 and 17, whom he had with his current wife, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, affirms that he still has “the effort involved in being a father” is surprising. And he adds: “You have to learn to be patient. Actors tend to be a bit narcissistic. I am now the proud grandfather of two grandchildren [Lua, de 3 años, y Ryder, de 3 meses], from my oldest son, Cameron. It makes me laugh when I see him with his children. He and I had our problems when he was growing up, and it’s like ‘now you see what it’s like to be a father.

From his point of view the hardest thing he has had to do as a parent is “set limits, big and small.” And he explains: “My oldest son, Cameron, was a drug addict and ended up serving seven and a half years in federal prison. That was tough, having to protect myself and my family and tell my older son that if you feel like I am away from you, I do it because I am afraid that you will kill yourself or that you will kill someone else. I don’t wish that experience with Cameron on anyone. Many families go through addiction problems. Toughness is required. But when you get to that point, you do it for your son.

Despite his current concerns about his memory, the actor faces the future with energy and affirms that he will not stop working: “Work keeps you going, it keeps you alert. Of course, today when I look around on set, I am the oldest. But I love the whole process. We do not do neurosurgery; we are from the entertainment world. One limit I do set is ‘no jerks allowed’. I don’t work with assholes. I do not have time for that”.

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