Tuesday, January 25

Míchel, coach of Girona, calls “short-minded” those who do not understand that he wants to learn Catalan

The Madrilenian Michel, actually called Miguel Ángel Sánchez Muñoz, yesterday made a fiery defense of the need to learn Catalan in these times when the language is once again in the political nonsense. The coach of the Gerona, 46, appeared before the microphones of the SER, where he was asked if he is letting go with the language. “Yes, yes, I’ve already dropped something. It’s necessary. It’s part of my education. That’s how my parents have taught me in the neighborhood, in Vallecas. It is a neighborhood that attracts many working-class people who feel at home from the first moment. It seems to me that the best way to integrate myself into my environment is to be able to speak Catalan and whoever wants to understand it well and whoever does not … seems short-minded to me “.

Michel, who has been in charge of Girona since this season, had already given his will on other occasions to fully integrate into the city and learn Catalan. In fact, weeks ago he asked journalists to ask him in Catalan at a press conference without any problem.

“I want to know all the culture and tradition here. I have felt super well treated and loved. Damn, they have taught me this: that I have to be a person who knows how to adapt and empathize with the culture and the place that, above all, They are giving me work. So I am grateful and I want to be here for a long time to be able to ‘talk Catalan’ with you. It will take time. Yesterday I was at the Fair soaking up the culture of here. I like to be with my city ” he said at a press conference.

Elimination against Rayo

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In Rac1 he made statements like that, of his intention to learn the language. “LThe we would all do. If we went to England we would try to learn English as quickly as possible to be able to communicate in a place that makes me happy. And to be happier, the more you are with people, the better. And to be with people I have to have a dialogue with them. If not, it’s screwed up. ”

After some difficult starts, in which it was difficult for the team to chain good results, Míchel’s Girona has come back and has already been placed in play-off positions. On Saturday he will face Rayo Vallecano in the Copa del Rey, the team in which Míchel stood out as a player and began as a coach.


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