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Michelin stars 2023: Atrio gets its third star and Versatil keeps its own

The Atrio team celebrates the third Michelin star in the kitchen / GEORGE KING

Michelin stars 2023

The prestigious gastronomic guide recognizes with this award “the elegant and delicate proposal” of chef Toño Pérez

Atrio already has its coveted third Michelin star. The gala of the prestigious gastronomic guide, held today in Toledo, has definitively elevated the restaurant from Cáceres to the Spanish culinary Olympus. Established for years among the best chefs in the country, Toño Pérez sees his «elegant and delicate proposal, which has turned the DNA of the local gastronomic tradition, with the Iberian pig as the main protagonist, to captivate our palate from the very beginning. passion, sincerity and technical excellence”, according to the edition of the Michelin Guide presented today.

Atrio’s relationship (1986) with Michelin stars began in 1994, when still nestled in the Plaza de los Maestros, it received its first distinction. Nine years later, in 2003, still in his first location, he received his second, so the recognition he has received today in Toledo is the first he has received since moving to the hotel in the Plaza de San Mateo. . Despite the fact that Toño Pérez is in charge of the kitchen, the Atrio project would be unthinkable without the presence of Jose Polo, co-owner and sommelier of the restaurant that recently received the Gueridón de Oro, awarded by Gastronómika in San Sebastián.

This is the experience of eating at Michelin stars in Extremadura

The other restaurant recognized with a third star at tonight’s Toledo gala has been Cocina Hermanos Torres in Barcelona, ​​run by the television twins Sergio and Javier Torres who, for years, have captivated the public of La 1 de televisión Española with their particular and natural way of dealing with your recipes.

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Versatile renews its star

The pleasant surprise of the Michelin gala held last year in Valencia, with the delivery of the first star to Versatil, has been endorsed this year with the consolidation of this award to the Zarza de Granadilla restaurant. Versatil, the gastronomic project created by the Hernández Talaván brothers in their hometown, nestled in the Trasierra-Tierras de Granadilla region of Cáceres, sees its daring commitment to creative cuisine recognized in a town of barely 1,800 inhabitants. His chef, Alejandro Hernández, will be able to wear the appreciated star-studded badge for another year on his jacket.

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New wild olive ‘Bib Gurmand’

In addition to the establishments recognized with stars, since 1995 the Michelin Guide has published a list of restaurants that it distinguishes with the status of ‘Bib Gurmand’. The Bib Gourmand, which receives its name from Bibendum, the Michelin man, is a recognition given to establishments that serve quality cuisine at reasonable prices. In this edition, Extremadura adds a new recognition in this section with ‘Acebuche’, the Extremadura-Argentine proposal set up by the couple Carmen Peláez and Javier Gassibe in Zafra.

With this consideration there are six other restaurants in Extremadura, among which are ‘El Molino’ from Madrigal de la Vera, ‘El Almirez’ and ‘Nardi’ from Hervás, ‘La Finca-Villa Xarahíz’ from Jaraíz de la Vera,
‘The swimming pool’ from Trujillo and ‘Dromo’ from Badajoz.

more star

In the two-star category, which distinguishes restaurants that deserve the detour, three very different novelties. Deessa, the luxury restaurant that Quique Dacosta runs at the Mandarin Oriental Ritz hotel in Madrid, with Guillermo Chávez as head chef. The Galician Pepe Vieira, captained by Xosé T. Cannas and located next to Raxó (Pontevedra), in the middle of the field that supplies his pantry. And El Rincón de Juan Carlos, from Tenerife, where the brothers Juan Carlos and Jonathan Padrón review the Canarian recipe book in a creative key.

José Polo and Toño Pérez, owners of the Atrio restaurant. /


But the great explosion of joy at night has been carried out by those projects that after a lot of effort get a first star that puts them on the map. Up to 29, two more than last year, she has distributed Michelin throughout the country, watering Spanish gastronomy with illusion. Barcelona is the city with the most harvest, with 5 new stars: one sung for Enigma, by Albert Adrià, as well as Aleia, Mont Bar, Slow&Low and COME by Paco Méndez. Madrid capital adds another three, all for projects with oriental reminiscences -RavioXO, by Dabiz Muñoz, Ugo Chan and Zuara Sushi-, and adds another in San Lorenzo del Escorial for Montia.

The host community, Castilla La Mancha, also leaves with full saddlebags after obtaining three luminaries, one in Ababol (Albacete), another in Ancestral (Illescas) and another in Oba (Casas Ibañez), the gastronomic project of Javier Sanz and Juan Sahuquillo , revelation chefs at Madrid Fusión 2021. They are received by Andalusia, in Código de Barra (Cádiz), La Finca (Loja) and Kaleja (Málaga). Galicia and the Canary Islands, which obtained two of the second, also add two first in O’Pazo and Ceibe, and Tabaiba and San-Hô, respectively. Two also for Castilla y León, to Cobo Evolución from Burgos and Alquimia Laboratorio from Valladolid; for the Balearic Islands, to Etxeko Ibiza and Fusión 19, in Mallorca; and for Asturias, to Monte (San Feliz) and Ferpel (Ortiguera).

Map of Michelin Star restaurants by provinces

The rest are shared between Arrea! from Alava, Ajonegro from Logroño -one of the very few examples with a female chef at the helm-, AlmaMater from Murcia or Gente Rara from Zaragoza. On the other side of the coin, Mirador de Ulía from San Sebastian, Kabuki from Madrid or Trivio from Cuenca lose their distinction, which has veered towards a more informal concept after transferring its haute cuisine proposal to the Casas Colgadas. The guide also continues to bet on distinguishing sustainable restaurants with a green star, up to 13 in this edition and premieres three personal awards. One to the young chef that Cristóbal Muñoz, from Ambivium, receives, another to the mentor chef, who falls to Joan Roca and another one that distinguishes the service in the room, which goes to the head waiter, sommelier and cheese specialist Toni Gerez, from Catalan restaurant Castell de Peralada. For next year, more news, because for the first time Spain and Portugal will have separate galas.


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