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Michelle Obama, on the interview with Enrique de Inglaterra and Meghan Markle: “Family comes first” | People

The marriage of Barack and Michelle Obama has in recent years become a kind of mouthpiece for American popular sentiment. His words, be they about health, foreign policy or welfare, are listened to with attention by half the world. Hence, the statements that the former first lady of the United States has made about the now famous interview that Henry of England and Meghan Markle granted to Oprah Winfrey just over a week ago are especially striking. In it they revealed their differences with the British royal family, accused some of its members of racism and exposed their mental health problems, which even amounted to suicidal thoughts.

A little over a week after the talk with Winfrey, Michelle Obama has been asked for her opinion on the matter during an interview with the media Access Hollywood. Although it was initially focused on his new series for Netflix, Gofre + Mochi, which hits the screens this March 16 and seeks to promote health, exercise and good nutrition among children, Obama did not miss the issue of the moment and wished the Sussexes that they managed to turn the page of everything that is to them happening.

“That is my hope. When I think of everything that is happening, I think of the importance of the family, and I pray that there is forgiveness, that there is clarity of thought, love and that they manage to resolve it in time “, said the first lady. “Because there is nothing more important than family.”

The relationship between the Obama couple and Prince Henry of England dates back years, before Markle entered their life. In October 2015 the three together promoted the Invictus Games, a kind of Olympic Games created by Enrique for war veterans. The prince and Michelle Obama went to a basketball game together with players in wheelchairs.

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In April 2016, videos were sent where they challenged each other, in order to give visibility to the Invictus, which were then held in Orlando “Hey, Prince Enrique. Do you remember when you told us that we had to give everything in your Invictus Games? ”, Asked Michelle Obama then, mocking and threatening at the same time. “Be careful what you wish for!” Barack Obama finished off. A year and a half later, in November 2017, the youngest son of Charles of England was invited by the marriage to Chicago to talk about how the youngest could become active citizens in society. A month later, Enrique was interviewing Barack Obama in Toronto, Canada, for the program Today, from the British channel BBC Radio 4.

With the arrival of Markle to the group, the relationship seemed to take hold even more. In a post on her Instagram profile, Michelle Obama addressed the former Suits series actress as “my friend” and called her “a wise leader.” In the number of Vogue directed by Markle in the summer of 2019, in which he portrayed a large number of powerful or important women in society, Michelle Obama was not lacking. In fact, it was one of the highlights of the number, as Markle interviewed her in what one statement called “a genuine conversation.”

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In addition, last July Michelle Obama and Meghan Markle agreed together in a talk, The Girl Up Global Leadership Summit, as lecturers. There they spoke – along with Jameela Jamil or Priyanka Chopra, Markle’s good friend – about gender equality and feminism.

With their march to the US, the Dukes of Sussex have partly followed in the footsteps of the Obamas, signing juicy contracts with content platforms such as Netflix or Spotify. What at the moment seems unlikely is that, like them, they will write a memoir. That’s what they have Oprah Winfrey and her interviews for.

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