Monday, December 4

Michigan State golfer, U.S. Amateur champ James Piot ready for 2022 Masters

U.S. Amateur champion James Piot studies his lie in the fairway bunker on No. 1 during his Monday practice round at Augusta National Golf Club.

It didn’t hit him the first time, but that second trip up Magnolia Lane brought the emotions for Glenn Piot. 

Earlier this week, as he made that famous drive toward Augusta National’s clubhouse with his son, James, Glenn fired up the Masters theme song, “Augusta.” 

“I put the Masters music on, if that’s corny,” Glenn said with a laugh, as he watched James, the reigning U.S. Amateur champion, go through a practice session Monday afternoon. 

“James goes, ‘What are you, nuts?’ I had an emotional moment and I don’t like to have those.” 

James, the 23-year-old set for his Masters debut, didn’t mind. 

“It’s the coolest thing ever to share that with your dad. To kind of know that you made it here to the Masters, it’s what you dream of as a kid,” James said. 

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