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Microsoft executives asked Bill Gates not to send “inappropriate” emails to an employee in 2008

Bill Gates is currently divorced and is in the top positions of the world's millionaire rankings.

Bill Gates is currently divorced and is in the top positions of the world’s millionaire rankings.

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The image of Bill Gates was for many years that of a manShy, introverted and dedicated to technological projects. He has also been recognized as a great altruist who has donated significant amounts of money for charitable purposes.

But lately his image has become very different, today he is a millionaire, divorced man, and according to a note from The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft’s founder sent “inappropriate” emails to a collaborator, to the degree that executives of the company asked him to stop doing it.

According to the information, more than a decade ago two top Microsoft executives urged Gates to stop emailing an employee.

In 2008, the company realized that Gates had sent “inappropriate” messages to the collaborator a year before.

Two top Microsoft executives, Brad Smith, the current president, and Lisa Brummel, then the head of human resources, met with Gates and asked him to stop. After the request Gates acknowledged that the emails were not a good idea and said he would not do it anymore.

The Journal information indicates that Microsoft claims that the emails were not “overtly sexual”, but which were considered inappropriate. Gates stopped sending the emails and the employee never filed a complaint.

A Gates spokesman responded to different media that it is “false and recycled rumors from sources that do not have direct knowledge and, in some cases, have significant conflicts of interest.”

Following the divorce of Bill Gates and Melinda French, the image of the millionaire has been affected by various publications in which it is said that the founder of Microsoft had behaved inappropriately with women in the company.

Microsoft hired a law firm in 2019 to investigate allegations that Gates had an affair with an engineer in 2000.

Some former and current Microsoft employees also told The Times that Gates created an uncomfortable workplace by making suggestive comments towards women.

It was also revealed that Gates met with financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein several times beginning in 2011.

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