Friday, March 24

Microsoft Office applications will also have artificial intelligence tools

Microsoft Corporationas expected, announced today, Thursday, that will integrate tools artificial intelligence and machine learning (machine learning) to all the Applications of your Office productivity suitethe most widely used office work programs in the world.

Googleanticipating the presentation of Microsoft, announced yesterday, Wednesday, that its Workplace applications such as Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet and Chat, among others, will have artificial intelligence and machine learning tools.

Both companies began test rounds with “trusted users” in the United States, and Although Google stressed that it expects to introduce the new applications in a few months, Microsoft did not announce a date for the launch of the new versions of Word (word processor), Excel (spreadsheets), PowerPoint (presentations) and Outlook (email). ).

Similar to the system built into Docs, Microsoft Word will allow a user to request the redaction of a document based on specific parameters, and said request can be written in natural language. So if your goal is to prepare an essay on the benefits of being a vegetarian, for example, the system, named as “Copilot for Work”, you would use all the information on the subject contained in other Word documents of yours, from emails and data obtained from the Internet to create the document. Once the writing is complete, the person will be able to edit the text and request to change the tone and style, among other options.

Meanwhile, in Outlook, one of the most dominant desktop email programs, a person can request the preparation of a summary of the content of a long chain of messages; request the preparation of responses to an email; ask for inbox reorganization; and add appointments to the calendar based on the content of messages, among other functions.

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For its part, PowerPoint will have access to the photos you have in the OneDrive service (cloud storage) or on your computer to design and assemble presentations. The artificial intelligence component will also be able to modify the images used, as well as create and/or modify audio and video files, as well as animate the presentation.

Meanwhile, Teams, the application for virtual meetings and conferences, will be able to take notes on what each participant has discussed and write summaries based on the written and oral information presented.

Microsoft, perhaps, could have an advantage over Google and other competitors with the “Copilot for Work” system, since they invested billions of dollars in OpenAI, the company that designed ChatGPT. Microsoft has licenses to integrate ChatGPT into its products, something it has already done in the Windows 11 operating system, the Internet communications app Skype, and its Bing search engine.

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