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Microsoft products and services in numbers, more than 500 million monthly Office users

As we are already counting with respect to other companies, Microsoft has also presented its quarterly report, but this one has been done together with interesting statistics on the use of Microsoft products and services.

Microsoft has released its quarterly results for the third quarter of the fiscal year. To his surprise, has recorded revenues of 49,400 million dollarsdriven by growth across all business segments, including Office, cloud, Windows, gaming, and Surface, among many others.

The technology company has obtained a net profit of 16,700 million dollars, which represents a 8% increase compared to the same quarter of the previous year.

“In the future, digital technology will be the most key asset that will drive global economic output,” says Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft in the results note. “Across the technology sector, we are expanding our opportunities, while helping customers to differentiate themselves, build their resilience and do more with less”Add.

However, it is not the only thing we have had access to. Along with the results they have also presented other interesting stats about the use of the products and microsoft serviceswhich we have summarized below.

This Microsoft tablet PC comes with Windows 10 as the operating system and a latest generation Core i5. It also has SSD storage and a 12.3-inch Full HD screen.

  • PowerPlatform is now one of the fastest growing businesses at Microsoft scale, exceeding $2 billion in revenue, an increase of 72% per year.
  • LinkedIn recorded record engagement, 830 million people used the platform to learn, grow, connect and hire. LinkedIn saw record engagement, with 830 million people using the platform to learn, grow, connect and hire.
  • The use of teams “never been higher” and smaller companies also use the affordable Teams Essentials solution.
  • The amount of time people spend on their PCs is increasing.
  • The number of customers who trust Microsoft security solutions is 785,000. This represents an increase of 50% year-on-year.
  • Xbox Series X and S they have been the market leaders this quarter in the US, Canada, UK and Western Europe. Game Pass subscribers have played “billions of hours” in the last 12 months, which represents an increase of 45% year-on-year.
  • gaming revenue in Azure to date in this fiscal year they have grown 66%.
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As we have already said, these are just some of the curious statistics that they have contributed. However, all these and the rest have something in common: paint a very positive picture of the use of Microsoft applications, products and services.

And it is that, it is undeniable that the company has experienced growth in all its flagship products, such as Azure, Visual Studio, GitHub, LinkedIn, Xbox, AAD, Teams and Microsoft 365. It’s time to wait to see if this good pace continues next quarter.

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