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Migbelis Castellanos reveals that her connection with the audience of ‘Falling in Love’ is because the show: “It’s very me”

as we tell you, Migbelis Castellanos is the backstage presenter of ‘Falling in Love’, and exclusively we speak with her, who confesses to us, among many things, than the talk show that seeks love: “It’s very me”.

We also talk about his dreams, what he is looking for, his growth, his relationship with the audience, and the love in which he speaks, for the first time, of her relationship with Pietro: “We are not an official couple… For now”.

-New year and new news expected by the public and by you.

Migbelis Castellanos: I was eager to be part of a daily show… For 2 years now I had been working for ‘Falling in Love’ on its digital content, then Roberto (Hernández), my partner, decided to take another step in his career, the position was open, and I you have to look at all the corners like, “Do you need me?” (laughs)… I’m happy, because the show came to give order to my life, although I’m not going to lie to you, I’m adjusting to how the show is going from ‘pa to pa’, because it’s not as easy as it looks on the air, an improvised show, there is no script, everything that happens is live, from real stories, so everything is always changed last minute, but I’m having a great time.

-You say that it is an opportunity that you waited for a long time and it came: How do you live it professionally and personally?

Migbelis Castellanos: Personally, now I get up an hour that I would never have believed, because although the show is at night, I get up early every day, to be ready, go to the gym, have a routine… I wanted it very much, I wanted order, I needed something that would motivate me to be more organized during the week, and ‘Falling in Love’ is giving it to me.

Professionally, obviously. every talent wants to be part of a daily show, because it gives you a further connection with the audience. with which we are connected is a audience that spends all day working and turns on the television to laugh at Rafa’s jokes, at Karina’s jokes, of what they do on the show, and of the love stories that come here, that appear in movies, but are not. I feel relaxed in that particular, because I really like entertainment so it’s fun, one is entertained with everything, with news, with gossip, but I like this concept a lot because it is very me.

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Changes in 'Falling in Love': Look who your new presenter is
Karina Banda, Rafa Araneda together with Migbelis Castellanos and Pietro. Photo: Univision

-Since you won ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’ you were a little on each side, and now you have that stability that you wanted, do you miss the other shows?

Migbelis Castellanos: No, I am satisfied, it is the opportunity that I definitely needed, it is the window. Besides, what better than to do it, if we go a little more philosophical, with the network that gave me the opportunity to be its image, from the beginning, long before ‘Enamoranos’ came to our programming, and now come to a daily program… I am happy, I am very satisfied. But nevertheless, I do feel that they are chapters of my career that I want to continue adding, to continue advancing, eventually, well, I will change my desire, and I want to be somewhere else, but for now I think it fits perfectly with what I not only wanted, but what I needed to keep growing.

– What is ‘Falling in love’, what we see each other from the show?

Migbelis Castellanos: Sometimes people don’t understand what kind of role you have in the show, I am part of the talents of ‘Falling in love’, we have our main hosts, who are Rafa and Karina, and they completely run the show, there are always open windows, the things that happen at the ‘Bar’, since the beginning of this year, and with my image inside the bar accompanying Pietro, we have been implementing couples’ decision making from the ‘Bar’ live, having a little more presence in the show.

What better way to implement a more particular participation of the ‘Bar’ than with decision, if when one goes to the bar in daily life one is going to cry, to make a decision, probably very important, one is going to celebrate, one is going to try to meeting people, too… So they’re trying to use it like in a different way than what people were used to. However, this change comes little by little, do not think that this will happen overnight.

-Speaking precisely of the bar, of Pietro, many wonder if these stories of ‘Falling in love’ is happening to the Host like Migbelis with Pietro, who look so nice.

Migbelis Castellanos: Oh, we’re co-workers, but no, no, we are not a couple (laughs).

-¿What are those nerves?

Migbelis Castellanos: We are not a couple Mandy, for now (laughs)…

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-How is Pietro in real life?

Migbelis Castellanos: Pietro is a gentleman, he comes from a very traditional Italian family, but he is a gentleman, super intelligent and very good at the bar.

-Francisca Lachapel did not do so badly with an Italian

Migbelis Castellanos: Yes right, well let’s see if then the streak that we have the talent of Univision (laughs)… What happens is that Rafa was messing with us since he met us, all the time, but yes we have a fairly close relationship, we are not officially a couple, We are good friends.

-Friends who go out or some friends who only see each other at the ‘Bar’?

Migbelis Castellanos: Buenos friends who also see each other outside… I already turned red, it’s that these issues make me blush.

-Everyone wants to see you falling in love too.

Migbelis Castellanos: Yes, well let’s see if the show brings me good luck in love, and between now and February 14, which is almost there, they see me accompanied.

Migbelis Castellanos and Pietro
Migbelis Castellanos and Pietro. Photo: Univision

-What do you enjoy the most about ‘Falling in Love’?

Migbelis Castellanos: I enjoyed the process of seeing from the outside, what it’s like when you start to know someone from the beginning, it’s fascinating. I had the opportunity to be in front of 2 couples, and you can clearly see from the outside when there is chemistry or not, when one person is talking to another you can see it… Sometimes nobody takes the time to see those details and it’s fascinating. You don’t know how things are going to end, but from the first moment, you see how they look at each other, the way they ask themselves. That really inspires me, it’s very nice, because one is the protagonist of other people’s love stories, and that will never be forgotten. The couples that have been made on the show will never forget that the show witnessed that story, that’s real.

-There are people who are going to look for a partner, and there are others who are going to look for fame, how do they recognize when it is one thing or the other?

Migbelis Castellanos: I think the audience doesn’t let themselves be fooled that easily, especially the audience of ‘Falling in Love’. sometimes we see people who came looking for love and when we see the comments, people: “No, he didn’t come for that! It shows that he doesn’t love her!”… The audience realizes, we obviously welcome anyone who wants to apply to find love, now, if his intentions are not precisely those, sooner than later he leaves the show, because he has to come to crush someone, and if it doesn’t work you have to go. The production is always meticulous when they bring someone for the first time, not only do they apply, but they do some interviews when they get here. Well, it’s about having as many crushes as possible that come for the intention of the show, but I’m not going to deny you sometimes it happens, but hey, it’s part of television.

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-What do you say to the public that is always supporting you, that is asking you, and wants to see you on TV and everywhere?

Migbelis Castellanos: I have a very loyal audience and I have to be very thankful for that, I always thank them, because like that, as you say, thanks to that audience I keep climbing little by little. I want to tell them that no matter where it is, in what window it is, what platform it is fromAs long as I have the tools at my hand, I will always create content, and make the protagonist of content that moves their emotions, happiness, joy, that they connect with me, and that they are entertained and have a good time… Whenever I have the opportunity I will do it, and that is my goal, be it here, in the ‘cochinchina’, from my stories or wherever, but I do it with a lot of love, because I have been doing it since I have the use of reason. I used to do things and dance so that my family would have a good time at a family reunion, at ChristmasI will continue doing it for the public that trusts me so much.



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