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Miguel Hernández arrives in New York with music by Lux Aeterna and drawings by Paco Sáez

Some of the members of Lux Aeterna, in one of their performances.

Some of the members of Lux Aeterna, in one of their performances.

They did it in 2017, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the death of Miguel Hernández, and they will do it again in 2022, to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the poet’s disappearance. The Oriolano group Lux Aeterna, dedicated to disseminating the work and life of the author of Nanas de la onion, and the cartoonist and director Paco Sáez will participate in New York in the tribute that will be paid to the poet, within the framework of the V Global Conference University Researchers, to be held from August 17 to 20.

Lux Aeterna, a group headed by Rafael Lozano, will have a double participation in this meeting. On the one hand, MIGUEL will present. Tribute to Miguel Hernández, a multidisciplinary show that fuses music, cinema, theater and poetry around the life and work of the poet, with professional artists: the actress Marta Bascuñana and the mezzo-soprano Ana María Ruimonte, together with Lozano himself, saxophone, author of the compositions and musical director, while Rafael Bascuñana assumes the stage direction.

Lux Aeterna, invited by BiCoa (Intercutlural Base / Community of the Americas), will show this show on different stages. It will be presented at the Instituto Cervantes in New York, at the opening ceremony of the conference, and will repeat for the closing at the Lincoln Center Plaza, as well as at other venues in the city, such as the Herman A. Berliner Hall at Hofstra University or the Multiple Purpose Room (MPR) of the Manhattan Campus of St. John’s University.

The poet, in a drawing by Paco Sáez.

In addition, the Oriolano group will present the album Déjame la esperanza, together with the Camerata Internacional Universal Music, with works composed and directed by Rafael Lozano. “The entire squad is ten, but this time we will go five,” says the musician.

“In 2017 we focused on the artistic and creative part, and now we will do so on the artistic and academic part”, hence there are conferences, presentations and publications. Among them, the book Miguel Hernández, which will be presented by the poet and director of the Instituto Cervantes, Luis García Montero, in addition to the presence of the poet Raúl Zurita.

“We have been invited by the organization to participate again with this show, which was presented for the first time in New York in 2017,” he says.


Among the programmed activities, an exhibition of drawings by Miguel Hernández made by the illustrator and director of San Miguel de Salinas Paco Sáez, winner of the Goya for best animated short for Madrid 2120 and member of the team of the film Catch the Flag, is included. .

The illustrations by the Alicante cartoonist are inspired by poems by Miguel Hernández, including El rayo que no cesa, Nanas de la onion, Elegía a Ramón Sijé or Perito en moons.

In the organization of the academic part of this tribute, the Miguel Hernández de Orihuela Foundation and the Alejandro Roemmers Ibero-American Chair of Cultural and Creative Industries of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche participate, as well as the Spanish Consulate and the Cervantes Institute.

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