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Miguel López presents his resignation to take over from Rosa García in the Mayor’s Office of Benejúzar and takes stock of his management

López wanted to highlight the state of the municipal accounts. “With a positive cash result of 276,757 euros more than we found, after investing in everything we have deemed necessary and with works of all kinds”, Has assured López, who added that“ our objective has been and is to improve the quality of life of the people of Benejuice and I am convinced that we have achieved it ”. And this has happened during a mandate presided over by “coherence and common sense in the two most difficult years in the history of Benejúzar, in which we were first devastated by a DANA, from which we are emerging with the incessant help of the Generalitat Valenciana and for the commitment of Ximo Puig, and a few months later for the Covid-19 pandemic, with very serious consequences worldwide, as we all know ”.

Likewise, López has highlighted the realization of the List of Jobs (RPT) for municipal workers, and substantial improvements in cleaning and maintenance of streets and public spaces. “There are many performances we have done, but we could highlight the works of Plan Edificant, Skate Park, petanque courts, improvements to the soccer field, asphalt and repair of the old Almoradí road, covered pavilion, investment in photovoltaics, among others”. And he added that “the projects carried out are as important as those on the table, such as” the pplan for the remodeling of the Infant School, precovery project of the environment of the old treatment plant or those collected within the Vega Renhace Plan to improve the rainwater network and create sustainable drainage systems”. A proposal, the latter, which in reality is still a preliminary project that is valued at more than five million euros and that still requires, he acknowledged, the guarantee of European funds to make it a reality.

Miguel López has highlighted that his management at the head of the Municipality of Benejuice has been “Without waste, with an eye to the needs of the inhabitants of Benejúzar and with a vision of the future.” The mayor explained that he maintains the councils that he managed as mayor with the exception of Security, which Rosa García will assume as first mayor.

# BENEJÚZAR Press conference of the acting mayor Miguel López (PSOE). The spokesman has given an account of his resignation …

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On Saturday, October 30, the Plenary will take place where the new mayor of Benejúzar will take office, Rosa Garcia. The already socialist councilor and former mayor has assured that “in this new stage, from the government and with the new mayor, the group that I lead will work to make Benejúzar that future project that we all want and a better place where we want to live and work” .

López, who is also a provincial deputy, denied that there had been problems managing the replacement. Municipal sources have indicated that it has not been easy. Tensions in recent months have been constant between government partners. Cs demanded the resignation of the PSOE councilor, Jose Antonio Garcia, for an alleged irregular vaccination in his duties as commissioner of the Torrevieja Hospital, something to which López refused. The Prosecutor’s Office and the Generalitat ruled out shortly after that the vaccination was irregular. They have also weighed the judicial investigations opened by complaints of the PP in opposition to the government’s management -the case opened for an electoral crime- and another for the emergency repair of a collector damaged by DANA, which dot López and to a lesser extent to Garcia. In this sense, López questioned the judicialization of municipal management and its “no for no” strategy.

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