Tuesday, September 21

Miguel Rodríguez and Pepa Bermúdez de Castro, winners of the Vithas de Optimist Trophy




Miguel Rodríguez Tábara from the Canido Maritime Club was proclaimed the absolute winner of the Vithas de Optimist Trophy held in the Vigo estuary on Sunday afternoon. The Sub16 from Vigo is currently number 2 in the Galician Ranking, and managed to relegate in the closing test the optimist of the Riveira Sports Club Bruno Iglesias to fourth place, completing the final podium Martínez Mijares and Pepa Bermúdez de Castro, both of the Abanca Regatta Team of the Real Club Náutico de La Coruña.

The event organized by Marítimo de Canido, aspires to become a benchmark at the Iberian level, celebrated its closure on Sunday afternoon, which was attended by the Vigo councilor for sports Manel Fernández.

Things were badly painted first thing in the morning in Canido: rain and not a drop of wind … bad seasonings to cook a good regatta. The situation took a long time to change, as the fleet received orders to go to sea, when almost no one would bet that any test was going to be held.

The patience and professionalism of one of the best Galician judges: Juan José Durán, from Orense, was decisive when seven minutes passed by two in the afternoon, as the judges’ horns sounded with the signal to start what would be the second and final manga.

Winds of 7 knots from the northeast accompanied the fleet, achieving the first place Miguel Rodríguez Tábara, being the second place for the best optimist of the Monte Real Club de Yates de Bayona … Aitana Pérez, which was worth her to be the silver among the girls , being only surpassed by Pepa Bermúdez de Castro (daughter of the Volvo Ocean Race skipper, Chuny) from A Coruña.

Who is not fine was the number one in the Women’s Ranking: the Pontevedra from the Real Club Náutico de Sanxenxo, Natalia Domínguez who went down to sixth place, the product of a tenth place in this second round; which caused that the great favorite had to settle for bronze among the girls.

It is also necessary to highlight the Coruña Jaime Sánchez and Pedro Núñez, who managed to get into the top ten, as well as Jorge Costas from the Real Club Náutico Rodeira and the Canido Vithas Team from Vigo, Fernando Campos. As for the powerful fleet of the Real Club Náutico de Vigo, its best optimists were Mencía García and Paco Riveras… Marta Torres from Grupo Bazán de Ferrol being the best positioned of Ferrolterra’s large fleet.

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