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Mike Evans gave away Tom Brady’s 600 touchdown ball and Tampa Bay had to negotiate with the lucky fan

Brady became the first quarterback to reach 600 touchdown passes.

Douglas P. DeFelice / Getty Images

This Sunday, Tom Brady reached 600 touchdown passes in the NFL, unique figure in history. And the ovoid with which he magnified his legend, he was close to going to the house of a fanatic because of Mike Evans, tight end who received the pass for the touchdown and who gave the ball to a fan to celebrate.

When Brady and the organization found out, a member of the staff ran to the lowest part of the stands, where the fan was located, to negotiate with him and recover the ball.

Evans, who he usually gives away the balls that end up in the end zone, he did it as usual on the final day, unaware that he was delivering the 600 touchdown pass in Tom Brady’s career.

Your reaction to finding out is a work of art.

Byron Kennedy is the name of the fan who came to Raymond James Stadium to watch the game between the locals and the Chicago Bears. And curiously recorded the moment in which Mike Evans received the historic pass from Brady and later gave him the valuable ball.

The final deal the organization reached with the fan was as follows:

  • Two signed jerseys and a Tom Brady helmet.
  • A signed Mike Evans jersey as well as his game shoes.
  • $ 1,000 of Tampa Bay Bucaneers store credit.
  • Two tickets for the remainder of the season, as well as for the 2022/2023 season.
  • This deal came after it became public knowledge that Tom Brady’s 600 touchdown ball could be worth at least $ 500,000 at auction. At the time the fan decided to return him to the organization, which later had preferential treatment with the lucky man.

    Kennedy went viral after returning the ball and was interviewed by the official NFL channel. There he said that he had no idea that he had received the “600 ball” from Evans, but that I would never have sold it. In addition, he did not leave the game early “because I didn’t want to wait for an Uber“.

    He added that he would like play golf with Tom Brady as “part of the payment”.

    Tom Brady and a champion gesture

    Near the end of the game, to close a historic day in his career and life, the most awarded quarterback in history approached a boy holding a banner that read: “Tom Brady helped me beat a brain tumor“.

    Brady greeted him and gave him his cap. The boy couldn’t hold back the tears. It was one of the most emotional moments we’ve seen in the NFL in recent years. Hero on and off the field.

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