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Mike González, the Vox guru who worked for Bush and supported Trump

Mike González formpart of one of the most influential think tanks in the United States: Heritage Foundation, the most conservative of all the ‘thought machines’ in the country and which embraced ‘Trumpism’. In his time as a journalist, González worked for newspapers such as ‘The Wall Street Journal’ o ‘The Washington Post’. until Came to the White House with George Bush. He has just published the book ‘BLM: The Making of a New Marxist Revolution’ (‘Black Lives Matter: the emergence of a new Marxist revolution’). Vox’s ‘think tank’, Disenso, has signed him to collaborate with an opinion piece per month. But of the links between the formation directed by Santiago Abascal and ‘Trumpism’ prefer

not speak.

This Tuesday we learned that the New York City Council will remove the statue of Thomas Jefferson for his slavery past. Something that Trump predicted four years ago.

Jefferson had slaves but he was also the author of the Declaration of Independence and had transformative ideas, not only for the United States. They were exported all over the world. When Trump affirmed at a press conference that he would end up removing symbols like Jefferson’s, the press took him for a madman. Over time, many things he said have come to fruition. The left wants to defeat history. They want to monopolize it, because whoever is the owner of the past, is the owner of the present and the future. The ‘Black Lives Matter’ tries to humiliate the founders and denigrate everything that is the country. That statue that they are now going to remove is the physical symbol of the origin of the United States.

This week it was reported that Trump has maneuvered to keep documents relating to the assault on the Capitol secret.

The assault on the Capitol is something that everyone denounces, the American left and right. I’m not convinced it was an organized insurgency. The FBI has stated that it cannot find evidence of prior organization. On the news this week, Biden refused to declare executive privilege (a legal convention that has grown in the United States to protect confidential information of governments and that Trump has embraced). I denounce the violence of what happened on January 6, but the left refuses to denounce the violence of the ‘Black Lives Matter’. That, like the assault on the Capitol, is also an embarrassment. My Spanish friends tell me that ‘Black Live Matters’ is going to end up being assumed as a more Spanish claim. One thing I tell you: you can import our cars, our wood, our products and services … but don’t mind this. It is a very harmful ideology. I don’t quite understand what the point is here. Spain is a country without racial minorities. Or very few. It is a country of Spaniards, even if they call themselves Galicians, Basques or Asturians. It seems to me that the goal of all this is victimization.

The latest polls indicate that racial and ethnic minorities are turning their backs on Biden. Between July and September, his approval rating among the black electorate fell from 85% to 67%; in Hispanics, from 72% to 56%.

The category of Hispanics, as a homogeneous group, was created by the activist left in the 1970s in order to make it electorally profitable. The Mexican from Rio Grande who has been in the US for several generations has nothing to do with the Mexican from Los Angeles. The Democratic bet to build its discourse around demography seems a failed strategy. It is a tremendous historical error. America has always been a country of immigrants and most have assimilated. The left speaks of the Hispanic vote as if it were a monolith. However, Trump managed to understand that there was a Mexican vote, another Venezuelan, another Puerto Rican … The Democrats want to imitate figures like Marcuse and other intellectuals of the Frankfurt School who thought that minorities had revolutionary potential, but they do not realize that victimization is the opposite of integration and that the strategy is not working for them.

Has Trump broken the Republican Party?

Trumpism has greatly changed the American political world. He made countless mistakes, but what cannot be denied is that he had political courage. He said things and did things that none of his predecessors dared to say, and that’s good. Trump accelerated the debate in the party because he was a populist, but it is very necessary. The Republican party has become a ‘blue collar’ party (with success among the working class), which it was not before. There is internal discussion about the morality of capitalism, the free market or what should be the relationship with China …The discussion can fragment the Republican party. AND? Republicanism has to reflect back to its voters, its ideas.

The Google Rate, Cuba, Venezuela … Are US-Spain relations going through their worst moment?

I’m not sure that Biden’s policy on Cuba and Venezuela is that different from Sánchez’s policy. Biden has had a rather weak position towards Cuba and Venezuela. The Cuban dissidents who took to the streets on July 11 have not received any support from Biden, it has only been verbal support, but not substantial. Biden said in Germany that ‘America is back’, but has not shown that America is back. It did not do so when it withdrew its troops from Afghanistan without consulting its allies. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called him for two days and Biden did not answer the phone.

Not that Biden has something personal against the Spanish. It is that he is not interested in consulting with his allies, is that with Biden ‘America is not back’. Support for NATO members, however, will always remain strong because, fortunately, the United States is bigger than Biden.

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