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Mike Pence, the helmsman who stays the course

  • USA.

    Donald Trump isolates himself in the White House as Mike Pence takes control of the situation

  • USA.

    Mike Pence, the squire with the poker face

Mike Pence owes his position to a flat tire. It was July 14, 2016. Donald Trump had just won the Republican primary. And he needed a vice presidential candidate. It was a matter of life and death for his candidacy. Republican Senator Ted Cruz had organized a rebellion against him that threatened to derail the Trump campaign. Cruz is evangelical. Without that community, Trump could barely get the nomination. And the presidency was left in an unattainable chimera

. But Trump, who has always relied on his instincts, and who has made decisions on impulse, without any strategy – as was evident Tuesday during the assault on the Capitol – wanted, true to his style,

someone to connect with personally

. His favorites were two: former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich. Both, in good measure, photocopies of Trump. Just the opposite of the then governor of Indiana,

Mike Pence: an evangelical Christian

, very conservative in social matters, and very discreet

. And that’s why the Trump team wanted Pence: He could show evangelical voters that the then-candidate,

even if it wasn’t one of his own, he was going to put his policies into practice

. Cruz’s coup was thus deactivated. There was also another reason, a personal one. The second closest person to Trump after his daughter Ivanka, his son-in-law Jared Kushner, had never forgiven that Chris Christie, in his time as a prosecutor, had thrown his father in prison for tax fraud and coercion of a witness (the witness in question was his own brother, whom he sent prostitutes to videotape him having sex with and blackmailing him). So when

Trump’s plane got a flat tire in Indianapolis

, where he had gone to meet Pence, the now vice president’s favorite phrase,

“God has a plan”

, it came true. Trump had to sleep in that city and deal more deeply with the governor of Indiana. The next day, Jared and Ivanka hurriedly flew in from New York to round out the work.

Pence not only gave the evangelical vow

. He was the president of the Republican Governors Association, which gave him enormous weight in the party. He is a ‘Christian Zionist’, who firmly believes that the establishment of the State of Israel is the first phase of the second coming of Jesus Christ. And, unlike Christie and Gingrich, he’s humble. Melania Trump herself told her husband:

Pence should be the vice president because he was never going to conspire against Trump

. Gingrich and Christie stayed outside. Pence became vice president,

the most important useless position in the world

, a legacy of the absolute monarchies of the 18th century. If the president is incapacitated, or if he dies, he becomes president. It is the substitute. The dolphin. And there it all ends. True: he has a runoff vote in the Senate. But that is extremely rare. No one could have imagined that

the Pence that has been seen in these four years will end

assuming ‘de facto’ control of the political situation

in United States

, in a scenario marked by what appears to be an almost total isolation of the president in the White House. Amid the chaos, Pence was the one who ordered reinforcements to the Capitol to expel the assailants on Tuesday. And now,

He seems to be the only person wielding the power

. Trump also only has Ivanka, because Jared is out of the country. So right now there is a very tough battle for power going on in the world’s leading power. A battle that is sometimes visible. On Tuesday,

after Pence refused to break the law

Already declaring null the elections in the states that Donald Trump needs to win, his chief of staff, Marc Short, traveled to the White House to meet with Trump’s team and, perhaps, with the president himself.

They did not let him in.

That the vice president’s top adviser is banned from the White House is unprecedented. Right now, the power in that country seems to be in the hands of

a kind of coalition led by Pence

It also includes the Republican and Democratic leaders of Congress and various senior officials from Trump’s team. That Mike Pence is the person who has the real power in America is ironic. Also, a display of the power of perseverance.

The vice president has been more than submissive to Trump

. He has tolerated Ivanka and Jared usurping his duties. He has turned his opinions around like a sock. An example: in June 2019, all of Trump’s advisers asked the president to bomb Iran. Trump gave the go-ahead, supported by Pence. With half an hour to go before the attack, Trump changed his mind and canceled the bombing. Bolton, Pompeo, and Esper objected. Only Pence supported Trump. Some see in that lack of principle. Others,

a faith that God writes straight with crooked lines

. What is unquestionable is Pence’s discipline. The vice president is methodical, systematic. When that is added to his humility, it turns out that his potential as a political animal is enormous: he fools his rivals by looking, plain and simple, silly. But is not. Unlike. Those who know this best are his Democratic rivals for the vice presidency, Tim Kaine and Kamala Harris. They are both supposedly smarter, brighter, better speakers than Pence.

The two were scalded from their debates with the vice president

, in 2016 and in 2020. Pence stuck to the script. He did not enter any cloth. And, in the face of his own lack of expectations, he ended up winning easily. But everything has a limit.

Pence’s loyalty to Trump ended Tuesday

, when the vice president declared that he cannot violate the law and deny the validity of the electoral results. Since then, the alliance sealed that August 14 when the wheel of Trump pinch plane has been broken. At least for the moment, Pence is in command.

And Trump is isolated

. As the journalist of the

Washington Post

Bob Woodward in his book


, published in Spain by Roca, on the presidency of Donald Trump, every time that the fellow evangelical faith, Republican fellow and fellow Indiana citizen Dan Coats, who was the national director of Intelligence, expressed his anguish at what Donald Trump was doing, Pence I replied:

“Stay the course”

. Now, Mike Pence has the direction of the United States in his hands.

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