Wednesday, August 4

Mike Vrabel’s ‘penis’ quote resurfaces as Titans punt proves costly in playoff loss to Ravens

The Titans decided to punt and potentially squandered their Super Bowl hopes.

In the fourth quarter down 17-13, Mike Vrabel and the Titans opted to punt into Ravens territory, raising eyebrows and garnering criticism from all corners of the Twittersphere.

At a quarter and 2 from the Ravens’ 40 with 10:06 left on the game clock, Vrabel and the Titans opted to punt, returning the ball to the Ravens in plenty of time to play. The Ravens would drive down the field and score a field goal, giving them a 20-13 lead. The scoreboard would remain for the final.

“I just decided to kick,” Vrabel said at his postgame press conference. “We were playing well defensively, we thought we would get a punt within 10 and we could play the field position game. I spent some time there that I felt we could. We kept them on a field goal. “

Of course, these decisions are often made painstakingly and it’s often easy to guess at these decisions in real time, but Vrabel’s decision to clear is the first time it has happened in more than 25 years, according to the Pro Football Reference.

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The reviews also disagree, vehemently, with Vrabel’s decision at that particular point in time, leading to a huge boost for head scratching for the decision.

Of course, the internet is not forgetting: Vrabel was once quoted as saying that he would cut off his genitals if it meant a Super Bowl appearance for the Titans. Clearly, the possible beheading played on Vrabel’s mind, and the adoring public reminded the HC Titans of it.

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