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Millie Bobby Brown wants more deaths in Stranger Things and its creators respond forcefully

Millie Bobby Brown, Eleven in Stranger Things, does not seem to be very happy with the number of deaths in the Netflix star series and has not hesitated to say so publicly. What has provoked a forceful response from its creators, the Duffer brothers.

If the four seasons of Netflix’s Stranger Things have stood out for anything so far, it has been the large number of events and plots that we have been able to see. Although there is a fact that has not gone unnoticed by fans of the series: very few main characters die.

If we compare it with other successful series such as HBO’s Game of Thrones -which in a few days will premiere its long-awaited spi-off The House of the Dragon- in which the death of characters was the order of the day, it is clear that Stranger Things is much more restrained in this aspect.

[SPOILER] It is true that one of the most beloved characters of Stranger Things died in the last season, leaving us in the memory of one of the best scenes of the entire series, but it seems that Millie Bobby Brown is not enough.

In a recent statement, Eleven in Stranger Things commented that the series should start killing more people. Some statements that have provoked the reaction of the program creators, the Duffer brothers, who have not hesitated to explain the reasons why they do not want to turn their series into a bloodbath in the style of The Red Wedding of Game of Thrones.

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It is true that for a science fiction, fear and horror series with many paranormal phenomena, Stranger Things does not have many corpses behind it, especially in relation to the main cast of protagonists that has remained practically intact since the beginning of the series. Serie.

A few months ago Millie Bobby Brown, half joking half seriously, commented that the series should have the mentality of Game of Thronescalling Harbor’s return after his “death” at the end of Season 3 ridiculous.

Even the actress commented that the Duffer brothers were “sally”a rather derogatory Anglo-Saxon expression that refers to men who tend to break down and cry easily.

Asked about it in a podcast, Matt Duffer explained that although the death of certain characters has been considered, one of the main reasons for not doing it is that “death must matter in Stranger Things”.

We are not Game of Thrones. This is Hawkins, when Barb dies, it was two seasons to deal with it. Every death has an impact and as we go into the final season, the more this topic is brought up… There’s a logic behind it, and it has nothing to do with my sensibilities.” Duffer commented.

From their words it seems that Barb’s death was a big problem, it was not a simple death, they wanted it to have an emotional impact for the other characters and explore their way of dealing with it.

The creator also made it clear that how season 4 ended will be very important in season 5. Do you remember how it ended?

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