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Millions of people lose unemployment assistance as Trump refuses to sign the coronavirus stimulus bill

Millions of people lose unemployment assistance as Trump refuses to sign the coronavirus stimulus bill

This Saturday 10 million unemployed workers lost their unemployment benefits immediately.

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The unemployment programs used by some 14 million people expired this Saturday at a time when President Donald Trump refuses to sign a $ 900,000 million for coronavirus relief that Congress overwhelmingly approved Monday.

This December 26, two programs were sold out: that of Pandemic Unemployment Assistance; which helps the self-employed and self-employed who would not otherwise be covered by traditional unemployment compensation, and the Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation Program; which provided an additional 13 weeks of assistance to those who were left without state benefits.

Near 10 million unemployed workers lost compensation immediately and close to 3.8 million additional workers are at risk of losing their benefits within weeks, according to a report by Brookings.

Earlier in the week, Congress approved an extension of unemployment benefits until March 14 and added a federal resource of $ 300 dollars per week for all laid off workers.

President Trump has yet to sign legislation that included a stimulus check support from $ 600 dollars, however, he considered that the checks are too small for what he asked the legislators expand the proposal above $ 2,000.

From his Mar-A-Lago hotel in Florida, Trump wrote a message on his Twitter account this Saturday morning showing your disagreement with the stimulus package agreed by Congress:

“I just want to get our great people $ 2,000 dollars instead of the measly $ 600 that’s now in the bill, “Trump wrote.

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For months now, Democrats have requested that the stimulus checks are older, but they settled for $ 600 dollars due to demands from congressional Republicans during the negotiations.

House Democrats intend to introduce an independent bill on Monday to increase stimulus checks to $ 2,000, but it would still need the support of the Senate, which is led by the Republican Party that is being cautious about it. increase in spending.

Biden issues warning to Trump

This Saturday the president-elect, Joe Biden, emplazó a Trump to sign the bill warning him that failure to do so “abdication will have devastating consequences.”

Government shutdown

The government could close at the first minute of Monday if it does not sign the bill to finance $ 1,400,000 million along with help for the coronavirus. I would also leave out the eviction moratorium that the December 31st.

Waiting for what may happen on Sunday, Republican leaders should unite to request that Trump sign the bill so we can extend the help, ”said Richard Neal, the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee.

It will be until this Monday, December 28, when Congress makes a new attempt to modify the independent bill and authorize an increase of $ 2,000 dollars of a second stimulus check.

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