Saturday, February 24

Mini protest against the mine in the City Hall of Cáceres

Several individuals gathered this morning at the entrance to the plenary

Manuel M. Nunez

The opposition to the mine takes to the streets, but for now it does so in a minority. He has taken advantage of this morning the celebration of the ordinary plenary session of June in the City Council to stage his discomfort. As is known, the mayor has met in recent weeks with those responsible for the company Infinity Lithium and its subsidiary Extremadura New Energy. What was first a simple contact or an institutional meeting of pure courtesy has finally evolved into a much more comprehensive stance to the point of considering that a less polluting and environmentally sustainable project would be feasible as it is an underground excavation and not open sky as long as it has the endorsement of the technical reports.

The councilors of United We Can have joined the people who have gone to the City Hall and who have carried banners with the message ‘No to the mine’. They understand that the damages far outweigh the benefits of the project. The call through social networks had been made with errors, since it was noted that the plenary session was on the 23rd.

The UP councilors have supported the attendees to demonstrate that their position is the same. In fact, in the last few hours they have met with the Save the Mountain platform. This group has distanced itself from today’s protest as it maintains that the next movements must be coordinated and possible mobilizations correctly organized.

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After arriving at the Plaza de las Piñuelas, later the individuals who have protested against the mine have decided to enter the plenary hall itself. The slogan was not to impede in any case the normal development of the session.

The mayor has reminded that neither posters nor banners can be displayed in the sessions. There have been no incidents.

The Save the Mountain platform, despite the fact that it has not participated in this protest, has increased its critical tone in recent weeks. First, after separating his path from the one he was doing together with the mayor himself, who had always been one of his defenders and a participant in his acts, and later, after denouncing a possible sponsorship agreement between the company and the city’s basketball club, the Cáceres of the Leb Oro, the second national division.

“A clear example of how multinational companies act, sponsoring a relevant club in the locality where they want to undermine the social will,” he denounces. “Based on tickets, they want to buy from the citizens, previously buying from the Cáceres club board, which follows their game,” they add in a publication on their page on a social network. In turn, they allude to the fact that those responsible for the Australian firm are “briefcase lovers” and are trying by all means to break the existing opposition to opening a hole to extract lithium in the foothills of the Mountain.

“They just need you to shut up”, is described in a video that they have made public and in which they warn that the company is going to start touring the neighborhoods and neighborhood associations to obtain what they call a ‘social license’.

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“Citizens are aware of all the tricks of these unscrupulous businessmen,” says the Platform.

In the plenary session this Thursday, it has been addressed that the files of several future favorite sons of the city continue, such as the one who was a writer and head of the Local Police, César García, Miguel Antonio Luceño, who was a teacher at the School of Teaching and the Faculty of Teacher Training, or the Olympic medalist Alberto Ginés. The priest Gianni Vettori will be adopted son.

It has also been decided to initiate procedures to recover nearly two kilometers of a public road to Cordobilla de Lácara, which is considered to have been usurped with photographs and reports from the Local Police.

In turn, the approval has been given to the regulation by cameras of more than twenty roads around the historic center with the modification of the ordinance.

The PP has presented the only motion of the session this month. It tries to reverse the tax increases and raises support for families in the current economic situation. It does not have many chances to prosper since it would need 13 votes and the non-attached councilor Teófilo Amores has advanced that he believes that the text is a guideline that comes from the national popular headquarters of Genoa.

“It is not a posture. It is necessary. Citizens do not have to pay for the excesses of a government that is increasingly removed from the street,” said Rafael Mateos, spokesman for the PP.

Amores has replied that the message came from Madrid. He has described the presentation of motions as a theater since they are not carried out as he has been able to verify the three years he has been in the City Council. “I cannot support”, he has summed up.

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On the contrary, Francisco Alcantara, not attached, has spoken of a “timely” motion since it addresses errors such as the rise in the IBI.

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