Thursday, November 26

Minimum contributory pensions will rise between two and eleven euros per month

The Government has marked in the General State Budgets that contributory pensions will rise 0.9% in 2021. This will translate into an increase of between two and eleven euros per month for minimum contributory pensions. In this way, for retirees with 65 years of age with a dependent spouse, the monthly payroll in fourteen payments will increase by 7.6 euros, from 843.4 euros per month to almost 851 euros. This means that, at the end of the year, the increase will be just over 106 euros, to go from 11,807.6 euros to 11,913.87 euros.

For the retirees without a dependent spouse, the increase in the minimum contributory pension will be 6.15 euros per month, from 683.5 to 689.65 euros, while the annual pension will go from 9,569 euros to 9,655.12 euros, which represents an increase of just over 86 euros.

Regarding the increase that retirees will register at age 65 with a non-dependent spouse, it will be 5.83 euros, to reach just over 654.5 euros per month, while the annual figure increases from 9,081.8 euros at 9,163.53 euros.

The pensions of retirees under 65 will be increased by just over 7 euros, up to 797 euros per month in the event that they have a dependent spouse. In the year, his payroll will increase by 100 euros, to touch the 11,170 euros. For those who have a spouse, but not dependent, the monthly pension will rise by 5.44 euros, up to around 610 euros. While at the end of the year, their remuneration will add up to 76 euros, up to 8,537 euros. In the case of retirees under 65 and without a spouse, the minimum pension will go from 639.5 euros to 645 and the annual one, from 8,953 euros to slightly more than 9,033 euros.

The minimum contributory pension for permanent disability of great disability, in the case in which you have a dependent spouse, registers a monthly increase of 11.38 euros, to go from 1,265.10 to 1,276.5 euros. Meanwhile, in the event that the beneficiary does not have a spouse, the benefit is increased by 9.22 euros, to go from 1,025 to 1,034 euros per month.

The minimum pension for absolute or total disability of holders 65 years of age or over and with a dependent spouse will rise by 7.6 euros per month, which will reach 851 euros. Y the benefit for total disability derived from a common illness for those under the age of sixty and their dependent spouse increases from 503.9 to 508.43 euros per month.

Widowhood and orphan pensions

Regarding the minimum contributory widowhood pensions, in the event that the holder has family responsibilities, they will increase from 790.7 euros per month to almost 798 euros -the advance is 7.1 euros-, which per year it implies going from 11,070 to 11,170 euros and makes an increase of practically one hundred euros. In the case of widowhood pensions for holders between 60 and 64 years of age, the monthly pension increases by 5.75 euros and goes from 639.5 to 645 euros. For recipients of contributory widowhood pensions under the age of 60, the monthly increase is 4.66 euros, up to 522.46 euros per month.

Orphan’s pensions, with the 0.9% increase expected by the Government, will rise in 2021 just under two euros, to around 210 per beneficiary and 2,950 euros per year. For holders under the age of 18 with a disability equal to or greater than 65%, the benefit increases by almost 3.7 euros, from 411 to around 415 euros per month, making an annual total of 5,805.80 euros ( compared to 5,754 in 2020).

As for the benefits for absolute orphanhood, they are increased by 6.54 euros, up to 733.24 euros per month per beneficiary.

Finally, the Obligatory Old-Age and Disability Insurance (SOVI) pension is increased by 4 euros, up to 441.7 euros in the case of old age, disability and widowhood and if it concurs with any widowhood benefit, with a similar increase, it will reach the 428.7 euros.

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