Monday, November 29

Minimum wage: Díaz faces the first big ‘no’ of the employer’s association

If those “informal contacts” in which the negotiations now enter do not bear fruit, this would mean the first big prick of Díaz in a field in which so far he has practically only achieved success, with six extensions of Covid ertes in your curriculum, in addition to the law of telecommuting, the ‘Rider law’ and a first rise in the SMI at 950 euros agreed a few days after assuming the work portfolio. Until now, the employer’s association has only been unmarked on a non-front-line issue, such as the regulations of the equality laws, on which, however, it did negotiate and for which a disagreement ended up being agreed.

The minimum wage is the prelude to a hot autumn in which the labor reform has to be decided


The first big ‘no’ of employers in social dialogue is near and will come in the first stage of a genuine ‘tourmalet‘of negotiations, which will put to the test the negotiating idyll that the Executive has maintained with employers and unions since the pandemic began. It is the prelude to a hot autumn, where the next stop will be a new extension of the ertes.

Calviño has already advanced that the aid will be there for those who need it, although he has also pointed out, this Monday in an interview on TVE, that the new extension is intended to be raised with different conditions. And that these do not stop job creation. Which can translate into fewer available resources, after a year and a half of unprecedented public spending to sustain the ertes scheme. In the last overtime the tables were already heated at the last minute and Pedro Sánchez had to agree to a Minister council extraordinary to approve a renewal whose consensus came in injury time.

Pending labor reform

After SMI and ertes, it is the turn of the labor reform, where the positions between employers, unions and the Government could hardly be further apart. In fact, the CEOE already publicly stated before the summer that under the conditions of the latest drafts there was no further negotiation possible with them; fertilizing the ground for the final disagreement of a text that will end up reaching the Official State Gazette (BOE). Well, this is what the Government of Spain has promised to the European Union and a considerable outlay of European funds depends on it. Specifically, in 2022 Brussels has to inject 18,000 million that depend on the fulfillment of 42 milestones and objectives, including the labor reform or the pension reform.

It is now that the waist and negotiating skills of Yolanda Díaz and her team will be put to the test by a negotiation in which entrepreneurs have many positions to lose and very few to gain. And in which the unions want to regain ground after a decade under the inheritance of Mariano Rajoy. While The Executive aspires to agree with all of them some changes with which to improve the functioning of the labor market and that, by making social dialogue their own, they are not the main objective to abate in the event of a change of political color in the Government, as has been the, reviled by many, “labor reform” of the PP.

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