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Minister Defends Johnson’s Christmas ‘Child Care Bubble’ With Nimco Ali | Boris johnson

Carrie Johnson needed her friend in her “child care bubble” with Boris Johnson for additional support over Christmas due to the challenges of running the country and experiencing difficult pregnancies, a cabinet minister said.

It has been revealed that the Johnson’s friend Nimco Ali, godmother to their son Wilfred, spent Christmas with the family at a time when lockdown restrictions in London prevented nearly every household from mingling.

On Tuesday, International Trade Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan hinted that the family had needed additional support at the time. Johnson, who is now expecting her second child, revealed that she had a miscarriage earlier this year, meaning she was likely pregnant over the holiday period.

Wilfred was eight months old at the time and No. 10 has said Ali was part of his child care bubble, allowing for limited mixing.

When asked if a family would have needed extra childcare over Christmas, Trevelyan said: “It’s hard enough for the rest of us; When you also have to run a country and you have the challenges of difficult pregnancies, having a friend to support you in your bubble is absolutely the right thing to do. “

The claims first emerged in a Harper magazine report that said Ali “spent Christmas with the couple at No. 10 despite pandemic restrictions on Christmas gatherings.”

Ali, who is a leading activist in the fight against female genital mutilation and a government advisor on violence against women and girls, said she “did not break any rules.”

Trevelyan said that Ali was a “passionate and adoring sponsor of Wilf,” and that all the rules had been followed. “I have no doubt that the Prime Minister and Ms. Johnson played by the rules and had the kind support of Nimco to support them through what was a really difficult time for them,” he said. “It was a babysitting bubble and Nimco was there to help support and care for Wilf during the challenges of being the prime minister and his wife.”

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Neither Boris Johnson’s mother, who died last month at age 79, nor Carrie Johnson’s mother were with the family over Christmas, confirmed No. 10. Carrie Johnson’s mother, Josephine McAffee, was reportedly a party. of a bubble of support with your daughter. an agreement that was allowed if a member lived alone or if a household had a child under one year old, which Wilfred was last Christmas.

Despite the circumstances, questions have been raised as to whether Ali’s attendance met the criteria for social mixing. The government introduced a “Christmas bubbleAllowing people to mingle on Christmas Day, but this was not in place in areas with the highest level of restrictions, which later included London.

the the rules said People were able to use a child care bubble on December 25, even in areas below the highest level, “but only if it is reasonably necessary for child care and where there are no reasonable alternatives.”

It was possible for households to have a support bubble and a childcare bubble, but the latter had strict rules and had to be used only for childcare, not as a reason for people from different households to mix socially.

It’s unclear if Ali’s childcare bubble fix was longer-term or just around Christmas. Under the rules, child care bubbles can change, but only if there is a reason related to child care logistics.


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