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Minneapolis police officer kills a young black man during a warrant for another person’s arrest

Amir Locke’s family assured that the young man had no criminal record and had a permit to carry a weapon.

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A young black man was shot and killed by Minneapolis police, while in an armchair holding a gun, during an arrest warrant against another person.

During the early hours of Wednesday, Amir Locke was shot by authorities when trying to sit on a couch in his friend’s living room, where he was lying with a gun.

Acting Minneapolis Police Chief Amelia Huffman told a news conference Thursday that the order was linked to an investigation of homicide in St. Paul and that Locke was not listed on the original search warrant.

“These events unfold in seconds, but the trauma is long-lasting,” Huffman said. “A young man lost his life, and his friends and family are in mourning.”

The sheriff said officers from the Minneapolis Police Department SWAT team went to the Balero Flats apartment building Wednesday morning to execute a search warrant on three apartments as part of the St. Paul murder investigation.

Their investigation led them to identify several suspects and three locations in the city of Minneapolis.“, He said. “A search warrant was obtained for those locations so the SWAT team could assess the circumstances and make the best entry decision possible.”

body camera images they show officers entering the apartment with a key before yelling, “Police! Search warrant!”

Upon entering, the agents approached and surrounded Locke, who was asleep on the couch wrapped in blankets.

“As they got closer, can be seen along with an individual emerging from under the blanket, the barrel of a gun, coming out of the blanket and becoming more fully exposed as it progresses frame by frame through the video,” Huffman said. “And then the still shot shows the image of the firearm in the subject’s hands at the best possible moment when the lighting was completely on him.”

Before the video ends, three shots are heard.

Locke’s mother, Karen Wells noted “My son was executed on 2-2 of 22“, according to AP. Relatives of the victim said that he he had no criminal record and that he had a legal permit to carry a weapon.

civil rights attorney Ben Crump criticized the way the raid was carried out and claimed that Locke’s family was “simply stunned by the fact that Amir was killed in this way,” the Associated Press reports. “They didn’t even give him a chance.”

In November 2020, Minneapolis formalized a policy that officers must announce their presence when making warrants. Mayor Lucas Frey said at the time that the policy would “limit the likelihood of poor outcomes,” the aforementioned agency reported.

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