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Minor who called the police in Texas to alert about the skeletal remains of his 9-year-old brother feared they would poison him

Officers from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, Texas.

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Neighbors of the minors found with the skeletal remains of their 8-year-old brother this Sunday in Harris County in Texas came to deliver food to the children when they noticed that there were rarely adults in the apartment.

Erica Chapman told ABC 13 that they started feeding the older brother six months ago.

“The first time I saw him, he was sleeping in one of the chorreras,” Chapman said.

The man indicated that the young man was very careful about the type of food that he accepted and refused cooked meals.

Another resident, identified as Trevor Thompson, also he came to deliver food to the boy. According to the witness, the 15-year-old was afraid of being poisoned. On one occasion, he accepted a pizza from Thompson and it was at this point that the neighbor became suspicious of the presence of other children in the CityParc11 home at West Oaks Apartments.

“I asked him, ‘Do you like pizza?’ He replied, ‘what?’ The first pizza we have? ‘”Said the resident.

“That made me wonder why he said ‘we’,” added the interviewee.

Both neighbors told the television station that they did not understand the extent of the problem and that the boy spoke very little for them to understand what was happening. Champagne felt that the older brother was trying to protect the two younger ones by keeping them out of sight.

“After what happened (Sunday), I think he was more nervous and scared,” Chapman said. “‘Are they going to blame me for this?’ ‘Are my parents going to punish me for that?’ Maybe his parents told him that they would be separated if they told someone, “the neighbor speculated.

This Sunday, county officials arrived at the home after the older brother called the 911 emergency system to report the remains of his 8-year-old brother.

Not clear the cause and manner in which the child died, but the body remained with the other minors in the house for about a year.

The mother and the groom abandoned them and went to live not far from them.

This Tuesday, both were criminally charged as a result of the discovery of the minor’s bones in the place.

Bryan W. Coulter, 32, was charged with murder. The mother, identified as Gloria Y. Williams, 36, faces charges of felony of injury to a minor by omission, lack of medical attention and not providing adequate supervision.

The three surviving minors remain in the custody of the Child Protective Services.

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