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Miquel Iceta: “In the oppositions to stabilize interns, the experience will weigh 40%”

[Consulta la primera parte de la entrevista: “Los indultos no son borrón y cuenta nueva, pero permiten avanzar en el diálogo”]

The also first secretary of the PSC vehemently defends the pardons for the convicted pro-independence leaders, it recalls the power of the Government to decide its concession. But with equal passion, in an interview with El Periódico de Catalunya at the headquarters of the ministry, he explains the reform he has in hand to modernize the civil service. To end the high interim, especially in Health and Education, and to change the access criteria. He also has the Lobby Bill, right now in public consultation and could reach Congress, he says, before the end of the year.

Has progress been made with Morocco? Rabat has already warned that the situation could become even more complicated if Brahim Ghali leaves Spain as he entered, “with opacity”. And the leader of the Polisario Front He has pending cases with the justice system.

The irregular entry of persons has ceased.

But the diplomatic clash has not been resolved. What happened for 48 hours no longer happens, but there are discrepancies between Morocco and Spain that must be resolved. But if a person needs medical care, we will not deny it. We have full confidence in our courts of law. They will decide what is convenient for them. Spain is a rule of law with full separation of powers. Our will is to heal the wounds that may have occurred.

What did the government do wrong? Was he wrong in not informing Rabat beforehand that he was going to host Ghali?

Spain believes that it has acted well. But if a neighbor of yours has been upset by a decision, there will undoubtedly be things to improve. We trust that the Moroccan ambassador in Spain will return soon and all communication channels will be reestablished.

Aren’t you afraid that a sensation of a change in the cycle will set in in Spain after the 4-M elections in Madrid? PP and Vox, according to polls, could reach an absolute majority.

I am going to tell the truth of what I feel: there will not be a majority of Spaniards in favor of the future government being made up of the PP and Vox. What we have to do is get it right. I don’t think Madrid is generalizable.

“There will not be a majority of Spaniards in favor of the future government being made up of PP and Vox”


There are 300,000 interns whose positions it intends to stabilize with new or ongoing competitions. Do you think that many of them, with long careers, who find it difficult to work and study, and many of them women, will be able to consolidate their position?

Yes, because in the stabilization process, in the absence of adjusting the figures, the experience in the Administration will weigh 40%. That will greatly favor the stabilization of places. We are going to give a good solution to a problem that has accumulated over time and we are going to prevent it from reproducing. We are not going to allow positions occupied by interns for a period of more than three years, and that is going to be the reform that we are going to send to Congress in June.

Still without contemplating compensation for those who lose their place?

We have not considered it. It cannot be that an interim higher than 40% accumulates, as in some administrations. The interim that exists in the State Administration is reasonable, 8%.

Can’t judicial complaints be triggered?

We cannot make anyone an official by law, because our Constitution establishes that criteria of equality, merit and capacity must be met. There are no shortcuts there.

“We would like the new Budgets to contain salary increases for civil servants similar to those of last year”


You have to negotiate this year’s public employment offer. Do you have a figure in mind?

It will be the most important in history, but the figure is not closed. In June we took it out. It will be higher than last year [fueron 28.055 plazas].

Miquel Iceta, Minister of Territorial Policy and Public Function, during the interview with El Periódico de Catalunya on May 27. Jose Luis Roca

Will it freeze the salaries of the civil servants or will it take extra payments from them, as the PP Government did in the previous crisis?

No. What we would like, but we have not yet started to work on the 2022 Budgets, is to achieve salary growth similar to last year, depending on the evolution of the economy. We want a well-paid public service.

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