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Miracle! She was in a coma from coronavirus and woke up a day before being disconnected

A woman admitted to a southern Georgia hospital to be treated for coronavirus and then spent 40 days in a coma on ventilation and suffered a stroke, She woke up from her serious condition just one day before the doctors were to disconnect her.

The event, which the hospital itself defines as “a miracle”, occurred at the end of October, and the patient, remarkably recovered, left the medical center on Dece” her 31, to the joy of her relatives and the employees of the hospital, who recorded his departure in a video that went viral.

The medical history of Lisa Martin, which is the name of this unique patient, beganSepte” her 27, 20212020, when she arrived at the emergency room at Memorial Satilla Hospital, in a small town in the state of Georgia.

So, She was diagnosed with coronavirus and had to be hospitalized. Her condition beccomplicated, and and she was almost immediately connected to a respirator. Then, she was put into an induced coma, where suffered a cerebral infarction of the frontal lobe.

The official Facebook page of Memorial Satilla Hospital reported that Martin She was 59 days on a ventilator and 40 days in a coma. When the doctors decided there was nothing more to do, they met with Jeff, the woman’s husband, and the rest of his family, and they agreed that in 11 days they would take off the respirator to let her go.

Waking up and your recovery

But just on the day that the disconnection was due to take place, Jeff noticed that his wife’s eyes began to look at him and followed him around the room. Martin could also move his hand. From that inexplicable moment, the woman began her recovery.

“I had to relearn how to walk, speak, swallow, eat”, he said in an interview with the American outlet First Coast News.

After awakening, the patient was transferred to two other hospitals in the area and returned again to the Satilla Memorial on Dece” her 14 to have her last days of rehabilitation before being discharged and returning home with her husband fourFour.

The images of the hospital exit show a woman walking slowly, leaning on a walker, but whole and happy, as she appreciates the applause of those present at the scene. Then she gets in the car and waves to the person who is filming her and to everyone who fires her.

“New Year’s Eve is even more important this year for the miracle patient,” they wrote on the Facebook account of the aforementioned health center.

“I have to use oxygen 24 hours a day and walk with a walker or wheelchair for long distances, but the doctors believe that I should fully recover,” Lisa Martin told the aforementioned American media.

The woman also stressed that she has almost no memory in her memory of much of the process she went through from when she started with the symptoms of coronavirus until she left the hospital. “It was almost three and a half months of my life, but it is a kind of amnesia. I don’t reme” her, ”he said.

Martin’s family, meanwhile, cannot find an explanation for the way in which the woman recovered, and takes the fact as a true miracle.

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