Saturday, October 16

Miras delivers counseling to those expelled from Vox to overturn the motion

Isabel Franco, Fernando López Miras, Pablo Casado and Teodoro García.

Isabel Franco, Fernando López Miras, Pablo Casado and Teodoro García.

Knocking down the motion of censure has not been free to the president of the Community, Fernando López Miras, who will have to cede one of his councils to the three deputies of the Regional Assembly expelled from Vox, surely that of Education and Culture, according to what this Drafting of Executive sources was able to know yesterday.

Yesterday the 16 PP deputies voted against the government project presented by Cs and PSOE. They had the support of the three wayward parliamentarians of Santiago Abascal, the vote of Vox and the three expelled from Cs. In addition, the president of the Chamber, Alberto Castillo, also orange, abstained. 23 votes against versus 21 in favor. The chief executive thus avoids the move.

Nothing has been decided yet and in the Palace of San Esteban they continue working with draftsBut it is certain that the regional government will have to undergo a new remodeling after having presented the last Governing Council, which includes four deputies repudiated by Cs, less than a week ago.

With the entry of the new conservative advisor, Fernando López Miras’ new team will be made up of five councilors from the Popular Party and by five other leaders who do not answer to any party politician, expelled from Ciudadanos and Vox.

Although the president of the Community is willing to give up the Ministry of Education and Culture, government sources assure that this will be done “as long as they maintain the commitment to assume the set of Government policies“from Miras.

During next week it is expected to specify the final fit of those expelled from Vox in the new Executive of the Region.

Although the spokesperson for the Vox Parliamentary Group is Juan Jose Liarte, from San Esteban they work with the idea that the dissident Mabel Campuzano becomes part of the team.

Liarte recognized this Thursday that The objective of the negotiations with the PP to vote against the motion of censure was to be part of the Government, since from there they can ensure that the policies they defend have a place. The ministries that attract them the most are those that have a more ideological component, such as Women, Equality, LGTBI, Families and Social Policy.

However, the agreement of President López Miras with the defectors of Cs reserves that council for them, which Isabel Franco will continue to lead. This pact also rules out the departments of Company, Industry and Spokesperson, in the hands of Valle Miguélez, and of Transparency, Participation and Public Administration, occupied by Antonio Sánchez Lorente.

The Ministry of Education and Culture is crucial for the interests of those who continue to maintain the same ideals as when they were active in Vox, as it would allow them to implement the controversial parental veto at will, an instrument that opens up to parents the possibility of vetoing content they don’t want for their children.

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