Thursday, October 28

Mirón does not have his day and his presence in Tokyo depends on the coach

His great career in the semifinals of the national championship, in which he prevailed with authority, gave even more hope that he would even give the bell against Adrián Ben, Saúl Ordóñez and Álvaro de Arriba, the main candidates for gold in 800. Yesterday, It was presented at the Juan de la Cierva sports center in Getafe with the best Spanish brand of 2021. But, in athletics and in life, you have to learn to face the bad times.

The race was torture for Mirón, practically from start to finish. He lagged behind in the first few meters and, although he tried to progress before the end of the first of the two laps of the stadium, he was involved in several touches and blows that almost always forced him to gallop down Calle 2, which entails increased energy drain.

At the moment of truth, Mirón could not enter the race at any time. And it was not for lack of determination. The young ibense athlete did everything he could to, if it was not possible to win the race, at least get on the podium. The effort was sterile since, despite the fact that there was a moment in which he seemed to connect with the four opponents that he had ahead, none of them fainted, so the Alicante had to settle for the fifth final position. It is time to learn.

The race was won by an emotional Adrián Ben, who burst into tears when he remembered his coach, who recently passed away. Saúl Ordóñez, the Spanish record holder, finished second, while Pablo Sánchez-Valladares took the bronze. Álvaro de Arriba was the other competitor who crossed the finish line before Mirón.

The situation right now for the ibense leaves some doubt in the face of his presence next month in Tokyo, despite having the Olympic minimum. Ben, also a holder of that brand, secured the ticket to Japan with his triumph yesterday. Mirón should be one of the other two summoned, but the final decision remains in the hands of the coach, Pepe Peiró, who will give the final list of summoned in the coming days, once the qualification period closes this Tuesday.

Mirón should be in it and not just for the future. During the season he has shown that he is also an asset for the present, despite the push and the silence of the experience that Ordóñez or de Arriba can bring. All athletes have a bad day. Mirón, at 21 years old, was the first one yesterday. It’s time to get up. And, if they let him, to do it in Tokyo.

Paula Ferrándiz, without a medal in the last launch

Yesterday ended the Spanish Athletics Championships, which took place over the weekend in Getafe. On the last day of the morning, the San Vicente discóbola Paula Ferrándiz brushed the medal, finishing fourth. She started with a 48.89-meter throw and despite making five misses, she lost the bronze in the most dramatic way, as Emma García surpassed her on the last attempt.

Ángel Poveda from Alicante was 6th in weight, Luis Manuel Corchete from Torrevieja, 7th in the 10-kilometer march and Cristina Juan from Elche, finished in 9th position in 5,000 meters.

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