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Mirrors Leroy Merlin | Four bamboo mirrors for a Nordic style

Mirrors Leroy Merlin |  Decorating any room with a mirror is always a very good option

Mirrors Leroy Merlin | Decorating any room with a mirror is always a very good option

Natural fibers, wood, white and beige tones are the hallmark of the nordic style. A style from Scandinavian countries in which open spaces predominate in which the protagonist is the light.

So if this is your style, you should choose carefully the decoration pieces that you want to put on. The Mirrors they are always a good option. Also now the catalog of these accessories is huge, so you can find many models that adapt to the Nordic style. We have found these five in Leroy Merlin. They all have two main characteristics: they are made of wood and round. You can decorate any room with them or combine them because they will be ideal.

Cheap mirrors from Leroy Merlin

One of the most valued mirrors of Leroy Merlin is this one natural bamboo. And it is that in the comments of the product the most repeated word is “beautiful”. It also seems that it looks good in any corner of the house, a hall or a bedroom. A natural touch for any room where you want to focus.

The mirror is 26 centimeters in diameter and 55 in total, including the bamboo. It has a matte finish and its price is 25,99 euros.

Mirrors Leroy Merlin | Made of bamboo and round, ideal for any living room LEROY MERLIN

If you are looking for another model with the mirror it is a little larger, it goes up to 29 centimeters (although the total of the accessory has the same measurement as the previous one). The natural Utaka is also made of bamboo but this is braided and makes a kind of thicker tapestry. The price is 29,99 euros.

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Mirrors Leroy Merlin | Braided natural fibers give them a more sophisticated touch LEROY MERLIN

Another mirror for a natural stay: the beige Indonesia. It has a 26-centimeter mirror and is just as large as the previous ones. It is also made of natural fibers, whose central rings are more tightly woven, while the outer circle is more translucent. This helps to give the feeling that it is bigger. Costs 49,99 euros.

Mirrors Leroy Merlin | Bamboo is the main material of this accessory LEROY MERLIN

Finally we have another framed mirror, the Rosace Natural. The total diameter is greater than the other three (69 centimeters) while the mirror part is 27.5. This time the bamboo has a more brownish tone and includes a protective film on the back that will prevent the pieces from spreading if it breaks.

The mirror has “the FSC seal, which certifies that the wood comes from forests managed in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way,” the website details.

Mirrors Leroy Merlin | This mirror is made with sustainable wood LEROY MERLIN

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