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Mistakes to Avoid Neon Bedroom Signs

Although there are tons of things for home décor these days, there is still room for traditional décor. Neon signs are still one of the best ways to style your bedroom walls. They offer a great scope for adding brightness to the room in your own way. Neon lights do not limit your creativity to decorate the room. They are easily customizable and allow you to design whatever you want. But despite the popularity, people often make common mistakes when buying neon signs for bedrooms. These mistakes can reduce the charm of neon signs and not turn out what you want them to be. If you want neon signs to be the center of your room, read the mistakes below, so you can take them into account.

Overly decorative fonts

Using too hasty a font is the most common mistake homeowners make when designing their bedroom. They choose a font that interests them regardless of how busy or long their font may be. Keep in mind that the font you are considering designing would not be similar when it is actually a sign. The size of the sign can make the phrase seem unclear and it can become a hodgepodge. Experimenting with calligraphy can work when using neon signs for the bride and groom’s names at a wedding or a welcome sign. But it can make the phrase difficult to read if you use it at home. You want neon light sign for a home to look clear and not just a lot of light in one place.

Wrong spacing

Taking space into account is also essential for readability. Trying to put too much effort into it and fill it in would make it look sloppy and unattractive. Be sure to leave enough space on the sign and make each alphabet and phrase stand out. You should pay equal attention to the design of the sign. There should be a balanced amount of white space in your home neon lights.

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Poor eye movement

Eye movement is related to the way the eye moves towards a sign. Each neon sign has a center point that instantly draws eyes to it. The eyes then move to other parts of the design and words on the neon sign. Don’t use a center point like an arrow pointing skyward. It will make the viewer look at the sky instantly, deviating from the sign. Decide on the central point that attracts the viewer’s attention and makes them look at the entire design in a clockwise direction. When designing neon signs for the bedroom., make sure the design is attractive enough to be the center of the room.

Inadequate contrast

Complementary colors look similar while contrasting colors look different from each other. You should always use contrasting colors on your neon sign. When the background of the neon sign is similar to the letters, the sign is not clear. Your sign may be unclear and the words may disappear. To make the neon sign easy to read and clear, incorporate contrasting colors. People often prefer colors like pink, neon, and orange for their neon signs. Make sure to choose a light colored background if you choose any of these colors.

When designing bedroom neon signs, these are the mistakes you need to fix. But also make sure the design blends in with the rest of your bedroom décor. It should not drift off the track.

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