Thursday, March 23

Mitma publishes a viewer to consult the transport infrastructures of the Mediterranean Corridor

In this viewer, you can consult sections and infrastructures that are considered a basic network or global network and where the Basic Network Corridors in Spain run (Atlantic Corridor and the Mediterranean corridor). You can also locate the actions that are being carried out in projects co-financed with funds from the Connecting Europe Mechanism and consult the file with information on each project and its detailed map. All data is downloadable in open CSV (Secure Verification Code) format and in georeferenced format for reuse in compliance with the Inspire Directive.

This viewer is the first of the modules of the Hermes system which is made available to all citizens, companies, educational centers and public administrations. The Hermes System is the access node to the National Transportation System and it is a unique infrastructure data space formed as a multimodal geographic information system (GIS) that will house the main technical data referring to Infrastructures of General Interest.

For the development of the Hermes Information System, an innovative method has been chosen in the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) called “linear reference system (LRS)” that gives total flexibility when increasing the number of parameters available for each infrastructure, which gives the necessary versatility for a system that houses information of such a diverse nature and origin.

It should be noted that the team that coordinates the Hermes project participates in a working group of the European Comission in terms of geospatial information on transport infrastructures in the context of the TEN-T Network, in which the solution adopted in this project is being taken as a reference and applied in the development of similar systems in the rest of the Member States.

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The Hermes system uses as geospatial support for the network in service the Geographic Information of Reference of Transport Networks of the National Geographic Institute (IGN), in accordance with Directive 2007/2 / CE for the establishment of a Spatial Information Infrastructure in Europe (Inspire).

Hermes includes, in addition to the information on the TEN-T network (visible in this first module), other parameters referring to basic data on the infrastructure, facilities, services, use of the network, alternative fuels, planned actions, etc. with a large amount of associated information provided by the different units or responsible centers, in each case, in a collaborative framework. As the volume of information grows, the system will be more enriching for all users, who will have a single data space of the General Interest infrastructures.

The data referring to the TEN-T network that can be consulted and downloaded in this viewer are prepared by Mitma, through the General Sub-Directorate of Planning, Trans-European Network and Logistics, in collaboration with the General Directorate of Roads and the General Directorate of Planning and Evaluation of the Railway Network and in accordance with Regulation (EU) 1315/2013 on guidelines of the Union for the development of the Trans-European Transport Network.

The Trans-European Transport Network aims to create a transport network that facilitates the movement of goods and people between the different countries of the European Union. With this project, information on all types of transport is made available to society, having as basic principles transparency, open data and the reuse of information.

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