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MLB trade rumors: five twins that could be dealt with before the July 30 deadline

The Twins had high hopes for the 2021 season. Those hopes have been consistently and painfully dashed over the past few months.

We are one week away from July and the club still have double-digit games below .500: They are 35-50 after a loss on Wednesday, last in the AL Central behind the Tigers and the Los Angeles. Real, and it’s time for a change.

The Twins have five players scheduled to be free agents after the season (players with that type of contract status are always trade potentials) and several players under contract / control for a couple more seasons that would be very attractive to prospects. contenders in 2021 and 2022.

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Let’s take a look at five twins who could move in the next two weeks and where they might end up. Andrelton Simmons and JA Happ could be moved as well, but there’s not a great market for a shortstop with a 70 OPS + or a 6.09 ERA starter, so we’ll focus on these other five players.

José Berríos, SP

Contract status: Last eligible for arbitration in 2022, free agent after 2023

I need to know: No Twins player would bring a bigger return than Berríos, a type of ace who could rise to the top of almost any contender’s rotation. The teams trying to trade for Berríos are the teams that truly believe they can win the World Series, with Berríos being one of the final pieces. The right-hander is a two-time All-Star who currently has career highs in ERA (3.36) and FIP (3.46) and, oh yeah, he’s got a 2.45 ERA in three starts since the sticky ban came in. . effect.

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Potential destination: Fathers. Look, here’s the thing: If the Twins make Berrios available, they won’t trade him unless an offer surprises them. Because if they don’t get what they want now, they could keep it and trade it in the offseason, or try to sign him with an extension, or just let him kick his contract when they try to compete again in 2022. So you don’t just have to look at the teams that want. an ace pitcher, but the ones with the prospects to make a deal. Parents have both the motivation and the prospects. The Dodgers might be interested, too, depending on what happens to Trevor Bauer.

Taylor Rogers, RP

Contract status: Last eligible for arbitration in 2022, free agent after 2023

I need to know: In baseball history, I’m pretty sure there’s never been a contending team completely satisfied with its bullpen heading into the trade deadline. Not everyone trades for relief arms, but at least they kick the tires. Rogers has been super dependable for the Twins, posting a 2.75 ERA in 187 relief appearances since the start of the 2018 season. He’s also left-handed, with 50 strikeouts and as many walks as saves, seven of both, in 35 2/3 innings this season. anus.

Potential destination: Like. Kelly Green’s Bay Area team might need help in the later innings, and Rogers feels like a great fit. It won’t be cheap in his final year of umpiring, he’s making $ 6 million this year, but it’s also possible the Athletics could trade him now and then move him back in the offseason to avoid paying his raise for 2022.

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Nelson Cruz, DH

Contract status: Free agent after 2021

I need to know: He’s just a designated hitter, of course, he just turned 41 and hasn’t played the field since four games in 2018, limiting his suitors to American League teams. But that’s literally the only downside to Cruz, who is as consistent as a hitter and powerhouse as he is in the game. He has a .300 batting average again, with 18 home runs and a 162 OPS +.

Potential destination: White sock. Yes, a lot of people have connected Cruz to the Athletics, and it might be a little difficult to imagine the Twins and White Sox, rivals of the AL Central, making a deal like this. But the White Sox have been crushed by injuries to their sluggers and need offensive help, especially now that DH Yermin Mercedes has stopped hitting and was sent to the minors.

Michael Pineda, SP

Contract status: Free agent after 2021

I need to know: Pineda lost time with elbow swelling, but returned from IL to work in the sixth inning Wednesday against the White Sox. It wasn’t great, 12 hits, five earned runs, but a little rust after a break is not a horrible thing. In his first 11 starts of the season, Pineda had a solid 3.70, with 8.2 strikeouts for nine and 2.4 walks for nine. He’s not necessarily a guy you trade in hopes of starting Game 2 of a postseason series, but he’s the kind of guy that could be acquired without great prospect cost to help a team survive the next few months and get into the postseason. .

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Potential destination: Ray. You just feel like it will end up somewhere like Tampa Bay or San Francisco, don’t you? Maybe the Cardinals throw a probe?

Hansel Robles, RP

Contract status: Free agent after 2021

I need to know: Robles leads the Twins with eight saves in 10 chances, but the team that trades him is unlikely to immediately give him the ninth-inning role. However, it is a good arm to add to a contender’s bullpen. He has a closer experience, all eight saves this year and 23 for the Angels in 2019, and he has 36 strikeouts in 37 innings this year, with a 4.38 ERA that jumped a few points with a difficult stretch since the last week of June.

Potential destination: Phillies. Two things have been true for the Phillies in recent years: They’re always around .500 and they always need help from the bullpen. The same happens in 2021; they entered the game on Wednesday with a 41-42 record, but are just four games behind the Mets in the NL East. Robles wouldn’t cost a ton and would be worth checking out.

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