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MLS Ranking Playoffs: How the 2021 Playoffs Teams Are Decided in the Eastern and Western Conference

Postseason spots and seeding for the 2021 MLS playoffs will likely be reduced to tiebreakers based on team confusion at the Eastern and Western Conference standings.

There are a total of six playoff spots up for grabs, three in each conference, heading into the final day of the regular season. Six teams are still in the mix in the East and another five in the West.

Also, the only teams that are locked into their rankings are the New England Revolution (No. 1 in the East) and the Portland Timbers (No. 4 in the West). All other teams are in a fight to reach the highest ranking possible, as it is the highest ranking that hosts all the rounds of the playoffs.

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For him Official MLS Competition Rules, here are the standings tiebreakers if teams are tied on points at the end of the regular season:

  1. Total winnings
  2. Goal spread (goals scored minus goals allowed)
  3. Total goals scored
  4. Fewer disciplinary points (as compiled by MLS)
  5. Goal difference in away games
  6. Goals scored in away games
  7. Goal difference in home games
  8. Goals scored in home matches
  9. Coin toss (if two clubs are tied) or draw (if three or more clubs are tied)

2021 MLS playoff standings

The top seven teams from each conference advance to the 2021 MLS playoffs. In a playoff format similar to that of the NFL, there are three rounds of single elimination games, each organized by the highest seed, determined by the two champions. of the conference that will advance to the MLS Cup:

  • First round: No. 2 vs. No. 7, No. 3 vs. No. 6, No. 4 vs. No. 5 (highest seed hosts)
  • Conference semis: No. 1 vs. No. 4/5, No. 3/6 vs. No. 2/7 (tallest seed hosts)
  • End of the conference: Two teams remained standing at each conference (main hosts)
  • MLS Cup: Conference champions face off (team with best regular season host record)

Eastern Conference

The seven best teams make it. Four teams have already secured (marked with an ‘X’), and the New England Revolution has secured first place. Six teams remain fighting for the last three spots. Four have been removed (marked with an ‘E’).

Here’s the East standings with one match to play:

TeamPointsWinGoal Diff.Goals in favor
1. New England (X)7322+25Sixty-five
2. Philadelphia (X)5314+1347
3. Nashville (X)5312+2254
4. NYCFC (X)fifty14+2055
5. Atlanta United4812+743
6. City of Orlando4812048
7. NY Red Bulls4713+638
8. CF Montreal4612+446
9. DC United4413053
10. Columbus4412-144
11. Inter Miami (ME)38eleven-1835
12. Chicago Fire (ME)3. 49-sixteen36
13. Toronto FC (ME)286-2538
14. FC Cincinnati (ME)twenty4-3636

Western Conference

The seven best teams make it. Four teams have already been insured (marked with an ‘X’). There are five teams left fighting for the last three places. Four have been removed (marked with an ‘E’).

Here is the Western standings with one game to play:

TeamPointsWinGoal Diff.Goals in favor
1. Seattle (X)5917+2052
2. Sporting KC (X)5817+1958
3. Colorado (X)58sixteen+1346
4. Portland (X)52sixteen+153
5. Minnesota4813-239
6. Vancouver4812044
7. LA Galaxy4713-447
8. Real Salt LakeFour. Five13054
9. LAFCFour. Five12+551
10. SJ Earthquakes (ME)4010-8Four. Five
11. FC Dallas (ME)327-946
12. Austin FC (ME)319-1835
13. Houston Dynamo (ME)306-1836

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