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Mobile phones with WiFi 6: these are the ones you can buy at the best price

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Mobile phones with WiFi 6 are becoming more and more, and also cheaper, although for now there is no phone in the entry range that has incorporated WiFi ax, its official name. Surely we will see more and more over time, although if you want to get ahead of yourself, now is the time.

The implementation of this standard is going from strength to strength and throughout 2021 we should see it in more and more places, especially now that the new iPhone 12 have incorporated it as one of its main features.

The improvements of WiFi 6 have to do with the speed, yes, but especially with the stability and performance of the connection in crowded environments and in networks in which there are many devices connected simultaneously, something that right now has a negative effect, and a lot.

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However, you must bear in mind that It is not enough to buy a mobile with WiFi 6, you also need a router that has italthough luckily there are more and more compatible models and at better prices, and even the first AX signal repeaters are beginning to arrive.

We have chosen several of the models that have the best value for money on the market and that will give your Internet connection a qualitative leap. Some even have 5G too.

  1. LITTLE F3 5G
  2. realme GT Master Edition
  3. Galaxy M52
  4. Honor 50
  5. OnePlus Nord 2
  6. realme GT Neo 2
  7. Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G


See price of POCO F3 5G in Xiaomi Store

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Despite having been on sale for a while, there is no doubt that the POCO F3 5G is one of the best mobile phones on the market in terms of value for money, especially since little by little it has become cheaper.

Several things have already surprised us in its analysis, starting with its exceptional performance with Snapdragon 845, but also the 120 Hz screen.

That it is a mobile with WiFi 6 and cheap, as well as powerful, makes it ideal for playing all kinds of gamesincluding those hosted in the cloud.

Today and for just 300 euros, it provides an experience at the height of the high-end.

realme GT Master Edition

See realme GT Master Edition price on Amazon

The fight at this point is fierce between realme and Xiaomi, who compete for exactly the same type of potential buyer: the one who is looking for a good, nice and cheap mobile.

The realme GT Master Edition, as we have seen, has practically everything, starting with a “sports” design that does not go unnoticed, but it is much more than aesthetics, without a doubt.

For example, it boasts a Snapdragon 778 processor that, despite not being from the 800 series, performs at practically the same level, a 120 Hz screen with an AMOLED panel and fast charging at 65 W.

For its price it is undoubtedly a rival to keep in mind if you want a cheap and complete mobile with WiFi AX.

Galaxy M52

See price of the Samsung Galaxy M52 on Amazon

Samsung has also taken a step forward in the mid-range in recent years, in particular with the Galaxy M, which takes full advantage of a price that has also been falling, and that is good news.

In the case of the Samsung Galaxy M52, the bet is clear: an affordable mobile with a good internet connection and a first-class AMOLED screen, although without reaching the power of the Snapdragon mentioned in the POCO F3 or the realme GT Master Edition.

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That said, it is a mobile for many years, especially thanks to the changes in the Samsung interface, much more fluid and clean.

Honor 50

See price of Honor 50 in Honor Store

Honor is back, and with all Google mobile services, unlike its Huawei cousins, which are still stuck in a conflict with the United States that seems to have no solution.

The Honor 50 is a true milestone in its catalogue, especially because of its low price and because of the good camera that it equips, which does not come alone but is accompanied by other features that make it one of the best mobiles that we have tried lately.

In his analysis we highlight several aspects, such as performance, also with Snapdragon 778, in addition to the 120 Hz AMOLED panel and its designquite particular and striking.

The balance between price and performance is practically perfect.

OnePlus Nord 2

See OnePlus Nord 2 price on AliExpress

Despite some major problems in unit availability, the OnePlus Nord 2 makes its way as an ideal option for those looking for a good mobile with WiFi 6, at an attractive price and, above all, with a fairly clean Android user experience. stripped of pre-installed apps and superfluous services.

This is the hallmark of OnePlus, which is clearly committed to OxygenOS as one of the best Android customization layers and long-term system updates.

We have verified all this and more in your review, which leaves us satisfied in general terms with the software and also with the hardware. AMOLED screen at 120 Hz and Snapdragon 765 do the rest.

realme GT Neo 2

See realme GT Neo 2 price on Amazon

Giving a great qualitative leap but without going too far in price, we already have the realme GT Neo 2 for sale, perhaps the most promising mobile in recent months.

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For example, it is equipped with a Snapdragon 865 processor that can handle absolutely any application or game you can think of, and we have seen it first-hand with several of the most common ones.

Besides, It has an AMOLED screen at 120 Hz and a fast charge at 65W.two elements that clearly make a difference in everyday life, especially for those who spend many hours glued to the phone.

Although there is a model with a sporty design, you can choose between several different aesthetics when buying it, and some of them are much more discreet.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G

See the price of the Redmi Note 11 Pro+ 5G in the Mi Store

The Redmi Note family continues to grow upwards, in sales and in new models with increasingly powerful specifications, and the best example is this phone.

Go one step further with the incorporation of WiFi 6, 5G and other features such as super fast charging at 120 W no lesssomething that few manufacturers can offer right now.

Obviously, that makes the price much higher than that of the other versions of the Redmi Note 11.

Surprisingly, it bets on a Mediatek Dimensity 920 processor and not on a Qualcomm, although it is a common decision in the last year.

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