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Modric, one more year, until 2022



Luka Modric will renew his contract with Real Madrid for one more year and dreams of retiring from the club that has won him the Ballon d’Or, The Best award and all the great recognitions of his career.

The croatian has agreed with the club its continuity by one more campaign. His current agreement ends on June 30, 2021 and he will extend his agreement for twelve more months with the same economic conditions, a token of 9.5 million. When he won the two great awards, he had a special premium for obtaining them, as stated in his variables.

The midfielder thinks that staying at Real Madrid was the best for his career. He wants to get to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and then retire of the selection and thinks, with reason, where he will offer his best performance is where he has done it in the last nine seasons since he arrived at Real Madrid in August 2012.

Modric is 35 years old, turns 36 in September and will play until almost 37. The footballer has a token of 9.5 million and will maintain his economic conditions. He even knows that, if the staff agrees with the entity a salary cut of five or seven percent, given the serious crisis of the pandemic, he will earn less money. The campus has already admitted reducing their salary in May by ten percent, but now the coronavirus crisis threatens to last the entire course, without special income from ticket offices, merchandising, the Tour and the store, and that blow will mean 300 million without entering for the entity.

The players will sign a reduction in their emoluments that has not yet been finalized. They have already forgiven 30 million euros in bonuses for winning the League and the Spanish Super Cup. The salary cut in May meant 39 million in savings for the company, which was able to present blue accounts, with 313,000 euros of surplus, in the recent assembly of partners.

Excellent, technician, magician, with a speed in Six meters magnificent that allows him to dribble, feint, that vertical overflow that Modric has and that allows him to get out of the pressure of three rivals with an astonishing ease that surprises at the club, which the opponents admire. It is a case to study and apply in other footballers by coaches and physical trainers What is the Croatian’s secret to continue performing at a high level at 35 years of age?

The secret is that it maintains a perfect diet. Take good care of your muscle mass index and of fat, which is minimal, he only has a fat index of 8.3, which is only one point more than Cristiano and three points less than a marathoner. Just weighs 66 kilos measures 172 centimeters and This requirement in food is key for us to see him perform at 35 as if he were 29.

Modric played in England and there he learned, at Tottenham, to do very intense training sessions and matches every three days. That is why now he supports them at Real Madrid, because this was the tonic of English football for decades. And in the Madrid team it is also played regularly every three days.

With that minimum fat index and that little weight we see who makes very quick changes of pace in the center of the field, almost as if he were a winger. When he dribbles, always vertical, he escapes and has technical resources that he combines with speed to escape with the ball. It has six meters from the start, from the start in the dribble, very fast.

Modric, a the 35, still working in a club of the requirement results of Real Madrid. It is not easy, because titles are played and draws are not worth it. Renew. By performance he has earned it. Other things are the things of money, that the crisis has generated an income gap of 300 million per year for Real Madrid.

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