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Moira Jones’ mother expresses concern for Sarah Everard’s parents | Scotland

Moira Jones’s mother, who was abducted from a Glasgow street and murdered in 2008, has written an open letter to Sarah Everard’s parents, expressing concern about the “growing media frenzy” surrounding her daughter’s death.

Jones’s mother, Bea, said she was asked to write after receiving a large number of requests from the media to comment on the national torrent of grief and anger that followed the death of Everard, a 33-year-old marketing executive. that disappeared while walking home. in South London.

“We have been very distressed by what happened to Sarah, similar in many ways to Moira’s ordeal,” Jones wrote.

Moira Jones.
Moira Jones. Photograph: Strathclyde Police / PA

Moria Jones, a 40-year-old sales executive, was arrested while walking home at night and forced into Queens Park, on the south side of Glasgow, where she was raped and beaten to death.

Marek Harcar was sentenced to 25 years in prison in 2009 after being convicted of the murder.

Bera Jones wrote that her “first and last” concern was for Everard’s family and loved ones, who needed to be protected from media intrusion.

“They are totally devastated, bewildered and vulnerable. They cannot fully assimilate what has happened and the permanence of what has happened. ”

But she added that while she understood the national response from other concerned and scared women, “I am very concerned that events have developed to such an extent that those who matter most, Sarah and her family, are being totally overwhelmed and further traumatized by what is happening. that happens around him, adding trauma to trauma ”.

How can they cope? There is much that a head can absorb and a heart can cope with, and they have much more to discover in the weeks and months to come as the dire details of Sarah’s death are revealed to them. “

Everard remembrance vigils and acts were held across the UK this past weekend, including in Queens Park, where doors were covered with solidarity ribbons and messages, many mentioning Moira Jones by name.

Reflecting on her own experience, Jones also poignantly wrote down the questions she believed Everard’s mother would ask herself: “Why Sarah? Why would someone hurt Sarah? … Why did it have to happen? … Oh God, what did he have to endure? Because I did not know it? Why Sarah, not me? Did she know how much we love her? “

She continued: “There are no answers to these questions, there never will be, but she will keep asking them, over and over again torturing herself. I still ask them, not that often, but after 13 years I still ask them. “

He said that he could fully understand why women around the world said enough was enough.

“The media now only reports on the vigil that went wrong and the protests that followed, but I know that at the gates of Queens Park in Glasgow, people kept their distance and formed an orderly queue as they waited to post their tapes and messages and this kind of respectful approach was evident throughout the city, across the country. “

Jones, who created The Moira Fund to help grieving families, concluded by asking journalists to consider “the plight of those left behind.”

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