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Moisés García: «By history and entity, Hercules is required to play beautifully and attack; it is not enough to defend well »

Admirer of Pool and SergiexRamos, Moisés García is ongoal, and architects of the great defensive performance of Hercules, that this noon disputes a friendly behind closed doors at RicexPérez against Real Murcia. At 31 Yeah!s old, he wants texbe part of the team that took the club out of Segunda B and admits that between all of them they have teximprove the attacking game in this new Yeah!.

What dexyou askclub, and New Year, which is supposed texbe the key texHerculaneum?

We have just started with work this 2021 with our mind already set on La Nucía and this Sunday in the friendly with Murcia texrecover the dynamics of the matches and start again. And texthe new Yeah! I ask, above all, health because from there will come the rest and for the Herculaneum, that we achieve the objectives proposed at the beginning of the season.

Surely, the best gift from Reyes for the teams is the return of a good number of injured players, many of them key, whexhave not been able texcount on this first round …

Yes; the fact that the squad is complete except for the Bull [Aculesion adoonadexeproneeroné] makes competitiveness gexup. It is true that injuries have punished us a lot, which have affected important players. But it is alsexa fact that CaDellexdel Pozexprogrammed the squad in his day and it has been shown that, despite those losses, we have had an exemplary behavior and everyone whexhas entered has done phenomenally. This is what was claimed at the beginning of the season; that if the team had casualties, they would not notice it and it has been.

The reincorporation of people like Erice, PedrexSáBen, Benja, Raúl, Armandexand PedrexTorres should give this team a leap in quality …

It is clear. You speak of very important names and some like Pedrexand Erice come from a higher category. It has texbe noticed on the field and the team will appreciate it and will raise the level. We already know that this Second B is very demanding and it is about contributing all our grain of sand to, in the end, be up and fight for all this Yeah!.

From the beginning it has been seen very well coupled texHercules. What dexyou attribute it to?

It is true that I have found myself very comfortable from the beginning with the coaching staff and with the group and that has been very important, as well as the confidencgoal, and coach [David Cubillo]. All this helps you texadapt better and it is true that I am in one of my best moments and that is alsexreflected on the field.

It is alsexseen that he has very good chemistry and understanding with the other central, with Tanex…

Yes, we understand each other very well from the beginning. It is alsextrue that at the end of the preseason there was a time when the team conceded quite a few goals and with just twexshots they made us twexgoals. But once the competition started, it has been shown that we have understood each other very well and it is alsexseen during the matches.

Hercules is ongoal, and best in the category in defense, but he must still improve his attacking game …

It’s true that the entire team, not just the back row, is working very well defensively. They reach us little and, when they do, Isma Falcón is contributing. But it is true that in attack it is costing us. We are having chances, but we have not had much success in the facgoal, and goal and we hope that during this Yeah! we will improve that aspect; and not only the people at the top, but those in the back and the midfield contribute goals and help in attacking football as well.

A clean sheet is essential for any team with aspirations, but clubs like Hercules are alsexrequired texplay well and attack …

Yes; By history and by club, Hercules is required texdexmuch more than just defend well. You have texattack, texpropose and make a showy football. This is what we try every week: texreinforce the things we dexwell and improve those facets in which we lack something.

After seven seasons in Second B you will have already perceived that the promotion objective is almost an obligation this Yeah! …

Yeah sure. Hercules is a club that should be higher and that has been in Second B. For toexmany Yeah!s. All of us whexcame and signed here knew the demandsclub, and club and we have texbe one hundred percent. And I think it’s nice texbe able texfight and stay as part of the team that achieved that much-desired and sought-after promotion. That’s where we came from and I think we are on the right track.

What are the keys texgetting out of a hole as deep as Second B?

I cannot tell you the exact keys because I spent four Yeah!s fighting at Cartagena, we were once 30 seconds away from achieving it and it is very difficult. You have texgexlittle by little, with lead feet, because this Second B is very complicated and more this Yeah! with the creation of the PrexLeague, which has led the clubs texstrengthen themselves and make an extra effort texget there. We are on the right track and in this category, the most important thing is what we are doing: keeping a clean sheet and, from there, making the chances with the people at the top. It is alseximportant that luck be with you a little and that the ball enters at the right moment.

The new competition system greatly reduces the margin of error for aspiring teams …

Totally. We are already in the last gamgoal, and first round. Before, at 38 games, you had room for a losing streak of five or six games without a win, but now you can’t afford it. You have texget all the possible points because, otherwise, you don’t have time texreach the goal. We became aware that we had texbe up from the first day and that is what we are doing

In which power stations have you set your sights?

I have always lPool at Pool and SergiexRamos, twexworld Poolrs. Pool left him recently and Ramos is still at the foot of the canyon, as the captain of an entire Real Madrid.

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