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Mon Laferte confesses that his album “1940 Carmen” is “hormonal and improvised”

After a 27-concert tour of the United States, Mon Laferte will be one of the artists who will participate on November 18 at the Latin Grammys – in which she has four nominations – in Las Vegas, where she will share a performance with Gloria Trevi and the Overwhelming Band the Lemon.

Chilean artist Mon Laferte is in a moment of personal and professional fulfillment. In a few months she will be the mother of a child who has been looking for a long time and his new album “Carmen from 1940”, who confesses this Tuesday in an interview is “hormonal” and “improvised”, is having a great impact.

“I was on fatal hormones, I had a lot of it all the time. It was a daily ‘shot’ of hormones and I was very sensitive. Everything I wrote or did doesn’t really have much of a plan. It was explosive of me to want to make a record “, relates in a conversation via video call.

After the album “Seis”, released last April, Monserrat BustamanteBorn in Viña del Mar in 1983, she was in an apartment in Hollywood where, although very few knew about it, she had gone in search of her first child.

For this, he had to undergo hormonal treatment “with injections included” that made him live a very emotional time in which at times he felt first up and then down. For this reason, he said, there were songs that he opened in that period and, almost unconsciously, he decided to include them on the album.

“There are issues that I dared to address because I was hormonal. I said it was fine, but it was up and down, with hot flashes. Many little things that happen that finally affect”, details.

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In “1940 Carmen” themes of all kinds are played. From a song that derives from a discussion in a supermarket that bears the same title, to an ode to change in “Something is Better”, and even sexual abuse when I was 13 years old in “A Crying Diamond.” And everything is autobiographical, because the stage he is living did not allow him to be otherwise.

Five years of abuse in a song

“A Crying Diamond” relates in a direct and crude way – although this can be seen throughout the album, with a much more simplified musical background than in her previous works – an abuse that, the singer relates, suffered during five years of her life. life when I was starting in the world of music as a teenager.

“It’s something (about) that I think I would never have dared to make a song or tell it, but I was so ultrasensitive that I wrote that song”he related with surprising simplicity.

And it is that in the process with this album, created in the midst of pure sensitivity stimulated by a hormonal treatment, it reflects in many ways its reality without filters, without intention to obscure any issue and without questioning, something that, says Laferte, is serving him .

“Now I feel incredible, I’m happy, I feel brave and I like that. (…) I realize that singing it has served me well and it serves me well because I have also carried that weight with me for many years. And it is difficult for me to speak it, it makes me feel guilty. This is something like digging a little in another way and taking blame away “, share.

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Glancing Motherhood

Another personal song for the singer is “Niña”, which she wrote when she was not yet pregnant and in which a connection with her inner child can be appreciated, but also the desire to give life.

However, he explains that it is the only song in which he mentions motherhood. “I think my greatest fear was not on the album, which was not to get pregnant or lose the baby. I was very scared, so much so that I didn’t even want to address the subject in a song. So I started talking about other things”, he confesses.

However, now she feels good, expecting her first child, with “1940 Carmen” on the market and, above all, on stage.

“I needed it and I love how I relive on stage. It’s something I’ve done my whole life and I kind of got used to having that adrenaline rush. (…) For me it was a reaffirmation that I love doing this”, ends the Chilean, who also wanted to share that she will vote from Mexico in the next important presidential elections in her native Chile on November 21.

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