Wednesday, August 10

Monica and Ximo are eleven against eleven …

Monica and Ximo are eleven against eleven … While those who did not take the Greek course learn the entire alphabet by force of SARS-CoV-2 variants (one of the two Hellenic “oes” go by omicron, the other is omega), we inform / entertain them with news on how WHO plays hopscotch to avoid “politically incorrect” lyrics. On the one hand, the Greek letter “ni” is discarded, which was justly due its moment of pandemic fame, because it is pronounced “nu” and looks like the Anglo-Saxon “new”. The has not been lucky either and disappears, and even if he does not play tennis, the letter “xi” that coincides with a very popular name in China, without going any further than that of its president, Xi Ping. Meanwhile, the omicron variant has put the world political class on edge. Our leaders impose restraint and prudence with a dose of over-acting typical of amateur actors. Nobody wants to be left behind in the planned implementation of forceful preventive measures despite the fact that no one, to this day, has the slightest idea of ​​the scope of omicron, of how far current vaccines and additional doses protect us, and if it can be a “delta-bis” or something much more serious. You have to understand that if ordinary mortals have had their leads melted for a long time, our governments are not doing much better. Do not blame anyone, therefore, that Mónica Oltra, grown up as always in adversity, decided yesterday to recover that star role of Botànic free verse that she likes so much and calmly affirmed during a visit to Elche that the Consell did not He rules out going back to the restrictions, just what Ximo Puig has been denying for a week. It is assumed that these things only happen in the “Frankestein government” of Pedro Sánchez and that the Botànic is an example of collaborative virtues. The truth is that these types of statements, without even knowing if the omicrón is hard, soft or mediocre, They have the depth of those interventions of our football class when they say, or we force them to say, being really fair, that they are eleven against eleven and that they, of course, will come out to win. The difference with football is that there some win and others lose. When Monica and Ximo go into “eleven against eleven” mode, we all lose.

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Why is an agreement between all political groups like last year in the Provincial Council to approve their budgets and that agreement is becoming almost unfeasible in the Alicante City Council? Is it a matter of mood or that in the Provincial Council there is no Vox and in the Alicante corporation, yes? The fact is that Mazón will search PSPV and Compromís, after tying everything with Ciudadanos, what Barcala, after doing the same with his orange government partner, is not going to look for the left-wing opposition. And it is strange because last year he did manage to get the PSPV to abstain, as did Vox, to carry out the 2021 accounts. But something is changing after the passage of the begging ordinance. Now it seems that staying at the mercy of the extreme right (future essential partner?) Is politically more profitable than avoiding them. We said that Mazón will search PSPV and you compromise an agreement. That doesn’t mean I find it. Last year he was only president of the Diputación. And today is other things. But he will look for it and it will be an image that will favor everyone if they reach an agreement. Would the same happen if Vox were in the Diputación?

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Water from the transfer … despite yourself. It turns out that it has rained so much at the head of the Tagus that the Entrepeñas and Buendía reservoir treasured 650 cubic hectometres yesterday. In this case, the Law obliges the Ministry of Ecological Transition to send, by flats, the maximum, 27 cubic hectometres. They are eleven less than before deciding to cut, but less gives a stone. Or a minister of the branch if it depended on her.

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