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It is not the same, it is different. But 2020 is no longer an excuse, it is over, and despite everything the music is still there, even if it is at a distance. Therefore, on this occasion we will not regret not having been able to go to Seville and see dozens of artists live, which too, because above all we will celebrate that we have been able to enjoy it. And it is that yes, despite everything, the Monkey Week SON Estrella Galicia has kept his soul intact by holding an edition online special via YouTube.

The world belongs to the brave and this festival is. El Monkey has succeeded because thanks to his commitment we have rediscovered new sounds at a festival and saved all the talent that we liked on our Spotify lists. Yes, from home. But the Monkey never fails, he knows what gambling is and that inspires. Mundo Prestigio was one of the first bullets that the Andalusian appointment fired in the programming and now Mundo Nuno is already among my favorite songs. But there is more, much more, especially if we talk about what it takes, what the pandemic has raised: the bebroom pop. María Blaya is one of its most relevant voices and there she was, in the most risky poster of the circuit.

The three presenters of Monkey Week 2020: Joan Vich, Rocío Saiz and Javier Moya.
The three presenters of Monkey Week 2020: Joan Vich, Rocío Saiz and Javier Moya.

The truth is that the unknown has a surreal point that makes everything more special. That is why, at Monkey, it is inevitable to feel like this when listening to the interview conducted by three greats of the industry such as Rocío Saíz, Joan Vich and Javier Moya on the voice of Zulu Zulu, when witnessing the Karaoke of Los Jaguares de la Bahía or simply watching a live show as exotic as that of Space Surimi, the best kept secret of the hip-hop national. And is that all of them are part of a program that has almost a hundred concerts and showcases, DJ sessions, interviews with stellar guests and countless sections as crazy as they are fun that make this one of the music events with the most personality in the country.

From Tuesday until this Sunday, the Monkey has rising values ​​on its stages such as Adiós Amores, Dani, Isabel Do Diego, Lasole, Laura LaMontagne & Pico Amperio, Rebe or RomeroMartín; names already established in our scene such as Bronquio, Tracksuit Jacket, Da Silva Collective, El Lobo en tu Puerta, Los Jaguares de la Bahía, Los Mejillones Tigre, Lost Twin or Vera Fauna; and artists with an already recognized career behind them, such as Joaquín Pascual, Lorena Álvarez, Los Hermanos Dalton, María Rodés, Raúl Cantizano + Los Voluble or Rosario La Tremendita.

But the Monkey also crosses borders. For yet another year, the Marvin Festival in Mexico, an institution in their country, and the Andalusian festival have strengthened the strong ties that unite them. Thus, the Mexican event presents in the 12th edition of the Spanish festival three values ​​of the most current Latin American scene: María Daniela y Su Sonido Lasser, Crew de Osos and Valgur. And at the same time, the Monkey will present in the new edition of Festival Marvin —which is also fully transferred to the field online on November 26, 27 and 28— to three other rising values ​​on the national scene: Adiós Amores, Colectivo Da Silva and Los Mejillones Tigre.

Live concert by María Rodés and her band at Monkey Week 2020.
Live concert by María Rodés and her band at Monkey Week 2020.

And this year, the strength of the festival has been greater thanks to the Monkey Week PRO mornings, aimed at meetings and activities with professionals from the music industry in which, for example, we have learned more about the figure of the music supervisor. And not only that, we have also learned in the Monkey Week TV interviews with relevant figures from the international music scene such as Bunbury or Paco Loco and we have laughed thanks to the guests of the section “Mona People. A zoom with …” like Pantomima Full and La Terremoto de Alcorcón.

So yes, in the worst moment of the live music industry, the little Monkey Week SON Estrella Galicia has become something giant. It has gone from being held for four days to six and has had an average of 8,000 views each day. And what remains. We remind you that all the Monkey Week TV programming can be followed online and for free until this Sunday, November 22 at dawn, through YouTube, Twitch and own web of the festival.

Postscript: Greetings to those in the front row of the YouTube chat.

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